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Any comments about feeling tired all the time?

Hi all,

I am currently on 100mcg of levo and went to my doctor as I was feeling very lethargic and tired/unwell. I was sure that my TSH would have gone up (it was 1.7 six months ago) and I have found out today that it's now 1.2 (they won't test my free t4, so unfortunately I have no idea what it is). I am due to see my doctor on Friday and feel so disappointed that I won't be able to get a dosage increase.

To be honest although I have resumed some of the activities I used to do since taking levo I've never felt that my energy levels have returned. Is this is for me or could there be another explanation? Acording to my blood test I know my doctor won't give me any more levo. However my ferratin was only 15 last time i had it checked (6 months ago) but he said that was fine.

I have decided to try Blue Horizon in January to get some more tests done, as I feel the NHS is so limited in what they can do.

Any comments? Thanks so much.

momo x

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Unless ferritin,folate b12 and vit d3 are all at least halfway in their ranges your body cannot utilise the levo

TsH lowers anyway irrespective thats why refusing to test t4 and t3 is so very wrong

Your ferritin at 14 is way way too low it should be at least 70 on the 12 to 150 range ....no wonder your not well


Hi, thanks for you reply.The problem is that I can't tolerate iron supplements from the doctor. They make me so unwell that I just can't take them so I take solgar gentle iron (20mg) a day, which I don't feel is sufficient to get my ferritin back up. I don't know what to do :(


You may well have low stomach acid which makes dealing with ferrous fumerate difficult ...best bet is to eat liver its more complete ...you must take at least 2000mg of vitamin C a day in split doses to help absorption of iron


Thanks for the tip! I will start taking vitamin C supplements with my iron tablets. Thanks again x


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