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Where to buy NDT from Spain/Europe safely

Hello there, I signed up here hoping to get some information from you. I´m writing from Spain. I´m Spanish.

Currently I´m doing some research about brands available and I´m weary about purchasing NDT from Thai sites for some reasons: not having the option of paying with Paypal, no T&C´s included at the footer, no contact/company info, no "HTTPS" URLs..., fear of paying an important amount of money and not getting any product after all...

Could any of you suggest a secure site to buy NDT please? I tried to buy it from a renowned site from Canada but it seems they don´t ship this stuff to Spain/Europe.

Kind regards and thank you very much,


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Hi, I have bought for years from(edited by admin) with no problems whatsoever. I have had to change my supplier once or twice but have still had no problems even though now I have to pay with Western Union.

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Same experience as Valerie, been using (edited by admin) supplier for at least 4 years, absolutely no problems at all, they have always provided a good fast service. Would have preferred to stay with Paypal, but as I understand it this was not the suppliers choice just the powers that be trying to make life a little more difficult.

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The rules of the forum is that no details of where to source prescribed medication is permitted on the Open forum but private messages can be sent. Therefore, just in case someone posts inadvertently I will close the post for answers on the forum.

Those who have details will send you a Private Message.

The ability to reply to this post has been turned off.

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