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Advice on how to take antibiotics with all my other medication

I was prescribed Nitrofurantoin for a water infection today the only instruction I was given was take two a day one every 12 hours. I usually take thyroxine at night when I go to bed. You are supposed to eat a meal when you take these antibiotics but I can't get my head around the timing. Talk about brain fog kicking in! I also take bp tablets usually in the morning. Any advise gratefully received πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

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Best thing to do is Google and see if there is any problems with taking them with your bp tablets. Then take one after breakfast and the other after lunch.

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Thank you bluebug I will have alook it's the twelve hours between that was most concerning me, the nurse practitioner that prescribed them said my other tablets were OK to take with them but I always like to leave a gap of fours most definately with the thyroxine. Hope you are well today x


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