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Struggling with Nature-Throid supply issues?

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Janie's updated her post, scroll down to the bottom. So the shortage should start to lessen soon. Not to crow, but I have two 100 dose bottles of my required strength, always. Keep a stash, people. I know it's a pain when there are shoes boots and coats to buy, not to say grandchildren's Christmas presents but this is an investment at the top of my wardrobe that's more pivotal than pretty much anything else. Even chocolate. ;)

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Very good advice indeed! I have no idea how they could end up with depleted stocks everywhere (after all, we still do slaughter pigs, don't we?), but even supplements containing porcine thyroid are unavailable and users are told to switch to bovine thyroid supplements instead...I take Thai NDT which, fortunately, has remained available all the time but, lately, I have been wondering for how long...I hope the problem will soon be over, at least for now...! Is there any way to prevent this kind of situation in the future...?

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This supply malarkey has happened with many thyroid meds over the years from various brands of T3 to Armour and other NDTs. With a stash, at least you can ride the wave a bit and have the luxury of time to consider what you might keep in your pocket as a stop gap, if things get hairy. Stress is no good for we thyroidies and the thought of having a few tabs left doesn't bear thinking about, does it?

Should have been a boy scout, innit tho ;)

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I was a brownie and girl guide but not always prepared.

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