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Latest results with vit D

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I have just got back my latest result, I just thought I would run them past you guys as my doctor says everything is on track now and I am to continue with the meds’ as normal.I am taking my supplements as suggest in my last post and will start the gluten free diet after my weeks holidays next week.

Again many thanks for any advice I receive from everyone it is making my life easier knowing people are so here to give advice to a newbie hypo.

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Vitamin D is much too low see SeasideSusie vitamin advice

If going somewhere sunny on holiday make sure to get out in it, 15mins a day, no sun tan lotion and avoid showering immediately after (washes vitamin D off skin)

Serum vitamin D2 OP's result 47 range 30-50nmol/L

That is a slightly odd test and range - unless there's another line underneath it because some labs do give a total vitamin D that is D2 + D3 as separate components. Is part of the result missing Itsshezzie ?

I'm not sure where this leaves supplement advice for OP (apart from maintenance).

I have resigned into my results and there is not another line underneath I’m afraid this all the information I got from my records

You're near the top of the reference range for vitamin D2 then :)

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to Itsshezzie

perhaps retest via month after back from holiday - £28 postal kit

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Every Vit D test I've done has been a private one (City Assays) and the result comes as

25 Hydroxy D3 - XX

25 Hydroxy D2 - X

Total Vit D - XXnmol/L

I've never seen a separate range for D2, only Total D3.

My D2 has always been a single figure, very low, about 2. My D3 has always been double or triple figure eg 112.

So I really have no idea about a D2 result of 47, I'm puzzled!

Hi all and thank you all for your replies,.

I was a little confused about the vitamin d results aswell but it seems from these result and the range that it seems to be ok but I will get the private test in a months time and see what results that one comes back with.

At least it seems that my TSH level is at the right range now so I’m guessing it’s an annual blood test now.

Again many thanks for helping a newbie to all this understand what is going on with my boys and how I can help it .

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