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Has anyone tried Ldn, works really well for some people with autoimmune as it can decrease the antibodies and help with symptoms, its from Dickson's

Ldn clinic in Glasgow, and they will tell you the doctor's name over the phone,who prescribes it, He then does a 10 minute consultation over the phone costing £35 and the medicine is £20 per month. The medicine is made up in a compounding pharmacy, and it is liquid . You need to send him a letter proving you have hashimotos no good for hypothyroid that is not autoimmune. Your doctor will not be familiar with it so don't ask them, but read for yourselof. You need to know if you have antibodies. Blue Horizon are excellent for that

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I'd just like to clarify a few things. Dickson's is the dispensing/compounding pharmacy rather than a clinic; and they can dispense LDN not only in liquid form, but also as sublingual drops, capsules and cream. They can dispense from an NHS prescription if you are lucky enough to get one, and charge relatively little to the NHS compared with the other compounders that have agreed to dispense it; and will also dispense against private prescriptions. There are definitely a few NHS Drs prescribing; and all Drs should definitely be aware of naltrexone as it has been a licensed drug for some 30 yrs or more. What they may not be aware of is its off label use for other treatments, not least MS, thyroid disorders, cancer, and autoimmune diseases generally; or they may be aware but unwilling to prescribe in the absence of a raft of clinical studies. The span of conditions that LDN is being used for, seems vast and ever growing; not least as its mechanism of action is being understood more and more. The private Dr service you mention is probably Clinic158 which, like Dickson's itself, is located in Glasgow; but you can also use a standard private Dr or one of the other online/telephone consulting Drs who operate similar to Clinic158. If the latter service is used, they are willing to accept a range of "proof" of diagnosis, which can be discussed during the consult.


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