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Hi GP thinks I’ve got this following a prolonged upper respiratory viral infection 6 weeks+ Then this terrible sore throat came out of nowhere. But it was really low down and on one side. GP can feel an enlargement of my thyroid gland and has done bloods. Have been trying to take pain killers for pain. Have felt really tired and worn out and keep feeling nauseas. Anyone else feel like this? x

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Hi Cait 65,

What is doctor doing about this pain in your neck and other symptoms. Has s/he carried out any blood tests?


When your results come back get a copy ( we have a right to our results) and post them on this forum with the lab ranges e.g. TSH = 3.25 (0.3-4.5). Someone will comment. It is common for people with hypothyroidism to have very low levels of Vitamins and nutrients (regardless of how healthily they eat), so if you can get the doctor to check Vit D, B12, iron, ferritin and folate at your next blood test that will help too.


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