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Hi all i have today started my carbimazole titration 15mgs x2 tablets in the morning and x1 tablet in early evening. I have been taking carbimazole 20mgs 1 a day for 2 months, which i started to feel better on, endo wanted to reduce dose to only 10mgs a day but do you think i should start with 15mgs first few days then reduce to 10mgs, if so what time in the evening would i take the dose? Early evening.

How long also would i notice a difference being on half dose?

Or am i doing wrong and should do 10mgs straight away , i just thought that going on half a dose straight away would be too much? Help.😊xx

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I'm sorry you had no replies, Rmichelle.


Its ok clutter, i done another post and give it a slightly different title and got quite a few replies- including from you.x


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