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Alternatives to Levothyroxin

Hi all

I'm getting increasingly frustrated about weight gain and tiredness. My endo has upped my dosage to 175mg despite all the stats looking ok. Since I've been on it I have gradually increased in weight despite a healthy diet and in addition I'm now finding if I do an hours exercise class that's me absolutely exhausted for a week.

Did anyone get on better with different forms of thyroxin that you can get in the uk? Wondering whether to ask my endo about this next week.

Thank you!

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There are just four different formulations of levothyroxine in the UK.


Although people prefer one to another of these - or even cannot tolerate some - they are all the same basic active ingredient.


Ah ok helvella a so it won't help taking a different format/ type. Ok just don't know what to do anymore it's been2 years of increasing my meds with no impact and all my statistics looking ok. Will chat to my endo

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Hi, have you got all your essential vitamins and minerals optimal to help support your levothyroxine and get it into your cell's.

It's a vital part of getting any thyroid hormone to work optimally.

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Have you had T3 tested? If so (which I doubt) what was your reading?

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Hi - your problem is likely to be a combination of under-medication and low nutrients, as these are very common in hypo in UK. Never trust a doctor of any type when they say that numbers are looking good, as there are very, very few of them around who have even a basic understanding of thyroid issues and what it takes to feel well. I have looked through your previous posts and can't find any recent results. Do you have recent numbers for tsh, ft4, ft3, vit b12, vit d, folate and ferritin? I haven't asked about anti-bodies as I see you say you are positive for Hashis. That being the case are you gluten free? Are you taking selenium?

Without the results no-one will be able to give you proper advice, any comments would just be guesses. There are additional/alternative forms of hormone available though, except in exceptionally lucky circumstances, only through self-sourcing and monitoring. But even if you do manage to secure these and are willing to do what normally becomes lifetime private testing, it is essential that all those nutrients are at fairly high optimum levels, not just in range, first. If not then they won't work properly and can cause you even more problems.

If you don't have these results, and GP can't or won't test them all, then private tests are available through Medichecks (thyroid ultravit) or Blue Horizons (thyroid plus eleven). Watch for special offers on Thursdays. When you get results, come back and put them in a new post so it won't be missed.

Good luck




Have read your previous posts - including the one on the PAS Forum where you listed your B12 etc. Have you managed to improve these levels ? Do you have any up to date Thyroid test results you could share - along with the vitamins and minerals ? It is possible they are not optimal and therefore the T4 will not be converting into the Active T3 ....


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