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Reputable bone broth online and liver receives that are not disgusting!

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Hello everyone.

I’m pretty newly diagnosed with Graves and still trying to figure out what’s going on and how to post my numbers in my profile here.

My ferritin was tested a month ago and it’s 64 (11-207) ng/mL. I will ask my GP to test for the others as my endo isn’t interested. It seems like the range is so wide for this.

My questions which are probably silly, I tried cooking liver and onions to help the ferratin and my hair but it turned into a gooey mess! I used a receipe which said to soak in milk first, ( I don’t remember my mom doing this!). Also it was frozen beef liver, the store didn’t have fresh. My mom used to cook bacon with it too.

My other question: I’m looking for a reputable online source for powdered bone broth/collagen. I’m in the US. I’ve looked at Dr. Axe site but he sells so much stuff, and don’t really know what’s in it from the label. Guess I’m suspicious by nature!

I would welcome your experiences and thoughts.

Thanks in advance!

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I soak my liver in milk overnight and mines never turned into a gooey mess. Did you drain off the milk and pat the liver dry with paper kitchen roll before cooking? How large were the pieces and how did you cook it?

I use lamb's liver as it is the mildest. I make sure the pieces are no more than 1cm thick and perhaps about 60-70cm x 40cm (depending on the shape of the pieces you have. I fry mine gently in butter for a few minutes - seal one side, turn over and seal the other side, then turn once or twice more during the cooking.

Another way I've done it is to cut it into thin strips and saute them gently, cooks a bit quicker than the larger pieces, and you could use that mixed in with rice and vegetables, a bit like a stir fry type of meal.

Check out other iron rich foods

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Mstiles in reply to SeasideSusie

Yes I drained and patted it dry and sautéed in butter. Coated the pieces in flour (no no for gluten free which I’m working on). It stuck to the pan and wouldn’t brown properly. Maybe the flour, or the pan wasn’t hot enough. Do you use frozen or fresh? I will have to look for lambs liver, have never seen it here.

Thanks Susie!

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SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to Mstiles

I've never coated mine with flour, if you do it would have to be a very light coating, just a slight dusting.

Not sure of the type of pan you are using, but I use plenty of butter when I fry mine. I find it doesn't brown, it turns colour of course, but I would say if it actually went brown then it would be overcooked and maybe hard and leathery. It should stay tender.

I use fresh. I don't think you can cook it from frozen (if that's what you meant). If it came into the butchers frozen, then he doesn't sell it frozen, he always defrosts first but makes sure I know that it has been pre-frozen so I don't refreeze it.

Is there anyone you know who can cook some for you, or demonstrate, so you can try again?

Lamb's liver is probably the most used liver here, and I live in Wales so we get Welsh lamb's liver. I'm sure the butcher knows if it came from Larry or Lulu or whoever!

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Mstiles in reply to SeasideSusie

Yes maybe it was the flour. Also it was frozen when I bought it. My mom never used frozen meat. How high heat and what kind of pan Susie? I think I wasn’t gentle enough with it. I will try again. Thanks for answering these basic questions.

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SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to Mstiles

It doesn't matter if it's frozen when you buy it as long as it is fully defrosted when you cook it. I use a non-stick pan and a good amount of butter on a low, gentle heat. My hob dial is marked 0-9, I use it on 2 so nice and gentle.

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Rmichelle in reply to Mstiles

Hi there mstiles- hope you are ok, great to have you following me, just read your bio my tsh has jumped right up to 3.77- hypo figures really. I think my 10mg carbimazole definitley needs reducing drastically,vi feel rubbish on this dose ir it could be my bloods. X😊

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Cut up some bacon, preferably streaky, and fry gently. Remove from pan leaving as much of the fat in the pan as you can.

I coat my lamb's liver in flour - and fry in the bacon fat plus lard and/or butter as needed. Needs to be thin slices. When cooked, remove.

Through in the onions, turn heat up, brown. Add some stock or water. Return bacon, and liver. The flour should thicken up the liquid into a nice gravy. You always have the choice of adding things like tomato paste, a little balsamic vinegar, or other things to add colour and flavour.

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Mstiles in reply to helvella

Oh that sounds good! I love bacon. will try your method. Thanks helvella

Hi Mstiles .

If I'm pan frying liver I use corn flour as I'm gluten-free. Using frozen liver really changes the consistency when its defrosted, I don't like it like that! Fresh liver is the way to go from the butcher's counter.

My favourite is casseroling it in a pot with bacon, onions, carrot and whatever else I can find and slow cooking it. I prefer lamb's liver too, beef liver or pork liver is far too rich, urgh!

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Mstiles in reply to spongecat

Thanks spongecat.

Love your kitty picture! Yes I thought the problem was that it was frozen. Thanks for the tip on corn flour. Very helpful, I’m working on gluten free also. I’ll look for a butcher shop as I haven’t found anything other than the frozen beef liver. It was pretty terrible!

Hi, the Great Lakes Collagen Hydrolysate is a good brand of powdered collagen recommended by my nutritional therapist. The collagen comes from pasture raised beef. It’s in a green can, sorry I can’t work out how to send a photo

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Mstiles in reply to Pamanda

Thanks Pamanda. I will look it up.

I used Great Lakes in the orange container, supposed to help heal the gut. I bought from Amazon but as you’re in the US maybe they sell it in certain shops?

Neither I nor my Mum ever soaked liver in milk, and always used lamb livers as has the most delicate flavour of all the livers. I now use chicken livers, cooking them with mince etc for a pasta sauce.

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Mstiles in reply to Silver_Fairy

Thanks Silver Fairy.

Do you think the Great Lakes helped your gut and thyroid? I’ll search for some land liver. Might be easier to find the chicken livers where I live.

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Silver_Fairy in reply to Mstiles

To be honest I really dont know, but I suppose it was worth doing as my diet for many, many years had been dire.

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