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Partial thyroid lobectomy post op advice please

Hi all,

Basic history: large lump (4cm) appeared on my thyroid in may. Diagnosed with autoimmune thyroiditis but told function was fine.

Lump and right side of thyroid now removed. I'm three weeks post op.

I've been ill with the sorest throat/dry cough and sort of cold for the last week. Haven't had my post op appointment come through or pathology results or had my bloods taken.

I'm going to ring for my appointment today but any advice on things I should mention/ask etc.

I haven't been given mess as they wanted to see how the function is first.

Basically wanted to know what others experienced etc.


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Have your stitches not been removed? Mine were removed 7-10 days after hemilobectomy and completion thyroidectomy. Pathology results were given to me about a month after thyroidectomy at a face to face consultation.


Hey, yes they removed them a week after. Have rung consultants receptionist today and she's chasing up the results and I've made an appointment for the 27th. I'm impatient which doesn't help and not feeling well I think I've just found it hard.

Thanks for replying x



My results may have been slow because there was Christmas and New Year in between.

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I had same problem, I am at 6 weeks, lumps were 3.5 cm and 3 cm on left...hashimotos. Now on first 6 week dose of Synthroid ..two more weeks and more blood work ...need bigger dose. Still tired weight gain, sleeplessness....time this is going to take time!😎


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