Advice please - partial thyroidectomy

I am looking for some advice please, I am scheduled to have a partial thyroidectomy to remove half of my thyroid and would love to hear some experiences (positive or negative) from those who have already been through this...

A brief bit of history - I have a son who will be 3 in September. A year ago we decided to try for a second child but I didn't seem to ovulating. Around the same time I noticed a lump in my throat.

A years' worth of tests have revealed that I have a toxic nodule on my thyroid which is producing excess thyroxine. I have decided not to take carbimozole as I actually don't feel too bad (just shaky sometimes, a bit of insomnia etc.) I have been advised to have half of my thyroid removed as this seems to be my best chance of a cure, but I'd love to hear some of your experiences if anyone has had this surgery.

Thanks :-)

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  • This is one woman's experience with nodules.

  • Hi

    I had a sub total thyroidectomy 32 years ago as a teenager for Graves' disease as a child . Carbimazole worked initially but as time went on , wasn't as effective . Obviously things change over time however surgery was no issue. Any surgery will make you feel a bit weak post op and you will need some recuperation . I received a blood transfusion as it is vascular so may bleed. My worst memory initially post op was having to sleep upright but this may have changed. Overall I wouldn't worry too much.

  • Thanks for the reply. Out of interest, do you mind me asking whether you had to take thyroxine after the op? They say that there is only a 30% chance of becoming hypothyroid but from those I have spoken to and what I have read online it seems to be higher than that..

  • I had a partial in my teens ( now 61) I didn't need thyroxine afterwards but in my 40s Graves returned so I had RAI.

  • Ok, thanks very much for the info :-)

  • Hi yes I automatically went on thyroxine afterwards. Dose increased over time as remainder of thyroid appeared to burn itself out. Hasn't been an issue. Very stable on medication . The op was the best option and scar not a problem. Was much better than the swollen goitre

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