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Digestive issues- any advice?

So I'm currently taking Adrenavive II and Metavive I on the advice of Dr P. I've stopped my small dose of Levothyroxine as he advised and have to say apart from a couple of days of feeling tired and achey I seem to be ok. I feel ok on the meds I'm taking but I still have digestive problems. My constipation has gone as Dr P said it would but I still have the classic IBS symptoms.

I can't help thinking I have some kind of food senstivities/intolerances and want to get tested but not sure the best way to do this.

Every time I speak to the Dr's I'm told "you have classic IBS and Acid Reflux" I've tried all the different meds they prescribe but I feel they just mask the problem rather than sort it.

A while back I tried going Gluten free and my stomach was ok but I want to know for sure if there is something I'm reacting to that is causing the symptoms.

Can anyone point me in the direction as to any reliable tests I can do?


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Why not contact Dr P about this. He is a nutritionist. You can write to him or arrange a phone call.

Many of us have low stomach acid rather than high, so the meds to reduce your stomach acid are useless or worse.

See this link about low stomach acid.



Thank you Anthea I think i will give the office a call and see what they say. x


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