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Friends, I've been flooded with information about autoimmune disease and think this is a new era for solving this epidemic of autoimmune disease. ReacherUK has found this series by Dr. Tom O'Bryan on you tube and there are eight episodes. I will probably report anything of value when I can. This is the link if you care to look at it yourself. It's not even a year old so I'm certain there will be new ideas and knowledge that will benefit all of us with an autoimmune condition.


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Thanks for posting, Heloise.


Hi Clutter, I hope this is useful information to some. I know it may not appear that it has no relationship to the thyroid except that it is probably what is causing the thyroid condition. The more I learn, the more I see all the complications of treating it. Doctors hardly treat the symptoms now.....what will they do about the cause. I fear it will also fade out of existence unless we categorically decide to meet it head on.


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