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Does anyone experience bladder problems with hashimotos?

For the last year or so just before finally being diagnosed with Hypo,i started experiencing bladder problems where it felt like i had the onset of water infection.I had ultra sounds, saw a gynae and it was established my bladder was imflamed.I was given hrt pessaries but nothing changed.After researching i thought it might be something called Intersistial cystitis.I have since learned that when i eat certain foods it returns,but when i stop eating the foods,it goes away but takes weeks.When it is bad i leak more urine than the normal small amount i lose which i have had since menopause.I went to the drs a few weeks ago and mentioned it.I got to see a gynae again,i mentioned could it be to do with thyroid?,but he completely dismissed it.He said my bladder wasn't prolapsed(had Hysterctomy last year by the way)and it looked okay.He said there may be an underlying infection that urine samples dont always detect.He has prescribed 3 different lots of antibiotics,each one to be taken for a month.I am very reluctant with taking these as it says on the leaflet that if you have ever had a folic defieciency you need to take a folic supplement along with the one course of antibiotics.I have just started taking a b12 supplement with folic in it,but will this amount be enough?I dont know whether its a coincidence but i now have palputations since i took my 1st tablet yesterday.Any thoughts please?

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Debzeewestmids , Bladder problems do seem to be common amongst thyroid patients. D-Mannose can be helpful for some. Dr Myhill has some interesting info that may be useful. drmyhill.co.uk/wiki/Categor...


Yes here's a link to previous post by lynmynott



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