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Translation required!

Translation required!

Ok so emailed the dr last week asking that this is taken seriously and that I should not feel like this I sent them what I wanted testing on ( the list from seaside susie)but when I got to the dr on Friday they were only testing their requests but would look in to my request. I have said it might not be my thyroid but surely it's worth looking at first and if not then what is it?!

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Nothing that you asked for apart from TSH, which tells you very little when on Levo

If you want to know more you will have to either try another GP or get tests privately as suggested in your first post.

You will almost certainly not get FT3 tested on NHS

Have you started gluten free diet yet?


I have started although honestly not done too well so far due to being on courses with preordered menus this last week but have started to implement things at home- will keep with it though. Thanks for your advice I have posted a part2 post with other results on but I think I'll order a test kit online.


All seems OK with those.

If your GP wont do the other tests, then just get a thyroid/vitamin/mineral bundle from Blue Horizon or Medichecks (the cheapest way to get everything done)



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