Is tsh 0.05 really low?


I am really new to this so apologies for all the questions.

I was told yesterday my tsh was 0.05- this seems very low? I don't feel too bad but getting a bit stressed about my results. Am I close to heart failure?

T4 was 33.

I do a lot of walking, about 2-3 miles a day and I am always rushing. Also having a new baby to look after I don't really relax.

I am organising a party for my other half this weekend and worried about dancing and drinking. It's just not going to be as much fun.

Am I putting myself at risk by going?

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FT4 33 is high and this is why your TSH is low. It is high FT4 and FT3 which are likely to cause problems, not TSH. So, while 0.05 is low, it isn't too low and you aren't at risk of heart failure because TSH is low. Have you started Carbimazole yet?

My TSH has been <0.01 for 5+ years. My endo thinks it is too suppressed and would like it to be 0.05.

Thanks, yes I have started the Carbmazole yesterday. Doing acupuncture this week also and stopped my pregnacare new mum vitanin which has iodine in- I've been taking iodine in my supplements for years without realising- could I have done damage?


Iodine used to be used as treatment to bring down T4 and T3 levels so it may have been helpful not damaging. You probably don't need it now you are taking Carbimazole.

Hello there your results were similar to mine when 1st diagnosed and i felt and looked very ill, i think you wrote a thread a couple of days ago, you need to take the carbimazole as directed you wont get on the path to making your body better and without scaremongering your body is under alot of pressure especially your heart as being hyper is more dangerous than hypo. But please dont be scared- im still here- thyroid trouble is not a quick fix and this is my 3rd month and still not better as meds needs to be balanced out and alot of swapping and changing doses to suit you-trial and error i surpose- and especially if you have a auto immune disease alongside it. My tsh is 0.05 and hasnt moved even on carbimazole, i was like you very scared of heart problems and had a few trips to hospital travelling in style in a ambulance with strong heart palps and breathless thinking i was dying but im still here, i didnt want this illness like you and thought i would recover in a month!! Fool me. But i have hashis aswell but these are my cards i have been dealt for now. You must take a low dose of carbi for now until you see a endo which can be a long wait. Enjoy your party at the weekend but dont overdo it with drink as this can make your heart beat faster, have a little dance. Next day rest rest rest, 1m only 47 but feel 87!! Ha.xx😠

Forgot to say read as much as you can about thyroid disease and learn alot from this wonderful caring knowledgeable people from this site as they really do know, i am on my 3rd month off work now so had the time just to learn, i too was like you busy mum to a 12 year old daughter, rushing to work 5 days a week, not eating regular, housework, but things have had to change. Hope you enjoy the party. Take it easy.x

It's hard when you have so much on your plate To relax. Hope you start to feel better. Have you tried acupuncture? X

Havent tried accupuncture its not my thing but it may have benefit to you and others, worth ago!

I know exactly what you mean so much on your plate, i hope you have a understanding partner who can get you through this. Goid luck.x😊

Thanks, yes started taking it yesterday. Be silly of me not too, just wanted to spk to doc and get more info.

I feel pretty good tbh, got but stressed over this and could feel my heart going. Know stress of birth has caused this as was having really bad panic attacks before going into theatre. Had previous traumatic birth.

Feel a bit better about party but not going to be the same. First night out together in ages. Do you think 4 drinks is too many?

Prob will go home early anyway and help mum with the kids xx

Bless you yes the dreaded panic attacks ive been getting them it is a sympton of being hyper. Cant advice you on drinks but i would take it easy on drinks, just see how you go after one first- i know it sounds dire and a party pooper but i would not want to drink if it was me, thats my choice but see how you go.

Im glad you have started carbimazole, doc also gave me betabloxkers to calm the symptons down. Carbi does take around 6 weeks to work and see only a slight benefit, also get tested every 4 weeks with your bloods and also look out for side effects of taking carbi- read your leaflet and anything you are not sure on just post on here. I know its daunting i felt the same, but you are lucky to feel quite normal as i looked and felt like death and still do most of the time.xx

Hi Michelle, l lost the link or rather computer did. My you have been through it one way and another.

One other little story. After losiing my adored Roxy l had Pepe from rescue and he had to spend a nigtht at the Vets and l knew he would be so worried, that l tried to contact him to reassure. As l woke in the morning and was not fully conscious l was aware of a Cat jumping lightly on my legs! Knew l hadnt imagined it. l told Paul very excitedly next time; he said: No it was Roxy. She knew you were so worried and came to visit. You see, the love is always there. And l have occasionally heard from those gone over also in the early hours, like my lovely sis-in-law.

During our Circle meetings, Paul always went into trance and was taken over by many different Speakers of all nationalities. lt was fascinating and if dusk you cd see his face changing shape as they came in. When l asked where he had been, you would get a reply like 'off with the Goons' as he came back laughing. l miss those days.

All healing, love and light to you

Helen, Bluecat x

Hi again bluecat i was going to pm you later but you beat me to it! Ha. Yes i know where you got your name from now from your lovely cat.

It so wonderful to hear what you have experienced and i too have experienced the same with my beautiful maine coon cat fifi, had to have him put to sleep around 10 years ago and i can feel him treading on my bed early hours of the morning, he was a very solid built cat and have felt the tickling of his whiskers on my face. I also believe you can sense loved ones with different smells, like when dad is around i get a fragrance of tabacco as my dad smoked roll ups. Do you think this aswell.x

You can message me in the pm box the tab next to the bell icon to the right, that way is private.x

Hi Michelle, just saw your name somewhere else by chance, and that has useful info for me on TSH. Chloe is my 4th blue, after l was given one from a friend and all 3 since have come from Rescue. Chloe had young indifferent owners who either moved away and left her or else just dumped her; she was found going into others' catflaps - very resourceful. Margrit Coates told me her history when l was at Harry Edwards 2years ago, and she has helped since the loss of Paul. Well better tell you as l didnt understand; Chlo kept turning round and biting her flanks (like horses do with colic) and this never occurred to me. She is well known Animal Healer and told me to go to Vet. She had a blocked colon and was in pain and had Margrit's distant healing too.

A friend of eons started having Maine Coons from a breeder near her sister's cottage in Devon. The original Homeopathic Vet-George Macleod MRCVS at Haywards Heath had told me about them 30 years ago. I gather they are very human friendly, fluffy and on the larger side. My friend is potty about hers. So you have sensed similar - how lovely to feel his whiskers! Ah now this friend had a very enlightened mother who could read the owner of objects given to her. On jane's birthday, she usually senses her mother's perfume.

I lived on fairly busy road before,well too much for me and neighbours opposite said they always knew when l was coming home as Roxy wd be waiting outside 10 minutes before. l thought she knew the car engine, but came to realise she was tuned to me as it still happened on the veery day l changed cars. She used to roll over in the road which nearly finished me off, and then l remember from a book by Anthony Norvell to 'ask above to angels to put the protection of White Light around her' daily and she ws always ok. l also ask for it and visualize when l go out in the car and around Chloe often left sitting outside here, but we are at top of a close. Take care and get better

Bluecat x

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