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Doctors Appt

I went to see my GP as he wanted to reduce my T4. He says my TSH is far too low .. My T4 and T3 are in the high end of the ranges. I feel quite well although I still get tired. I told him I am upset and if he reduces my dose Iwill go and see. Private Doctor. I have no symptoms of being overactive. I said if I do get symptoms I will reduce the dose. He said what did I want him to do and I said leave dose as it is. I am assuming he is leaving me on same dose. Have to say he looked completely gob smacked. Told him it wasn't his fault as he is following guidelines but said they are not accurate.

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Well done you! lol I bet he was gob-smacked! I don't suppose he's used to patients standing up for themselves! Keep up the good work! He should not be dosing by the TSH. :)


I feel that there may be repercussions.


Who knows. But, I'm sure you can handle them. Might actually make him buck his ideas up and revise his thyroid! lol


If you get any follow up from Dr, suggest you say you will consider his suggestion, but only AFTER full testing

TSH, FT3 and FT4 plus antibodies (if not been done before)

Plus vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12

Only then can a full evaluation be made, in conjunction with any ongoing symptoms


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