Billion Dollar Deals and the price of T3

For those who missed BBC2's 'Billion Dollar Deals' on Wednesday, 27 September, the name of the spokesman who effectively dismissed hypothyroid patients in need of T3 was Warwick Smith of the British Generic Manufacturers Association.

Pressed on the question of Concordia's T3 price hike (on which he denied knowing the exact circumstances), he said: “If you look at that sort of therapy area, where it’s a very complex area, there are a range of products available. For a few patients a specific product which, because it’s complex, because there are few patients, will be expensive, is right. For other patients with the same condition, there are equally good alternatives where there’s more competition and lower prices. So it’s important that the right product is chosen for the right patient and, as I say, for a lot of these products the choice is, do you keep those small number of patients on the product that is best for them, or do you decide investment in that product to keep it on the market can’t be afforded?”

[Transcribed from BBC iPlayer today]

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Who pays his salary ?

big pharma

What an arse!

Corporations and their lobbyists are the new rulers of the world. The situation's getting rapidly worse and very scary. 🤕

People need to be vocal. 😝

What is Codex Alimentarius? 🤔

Judi Dench explains...

I haven't watched it all yet (will do this evening) but it's a really interesting (and scary) documentary... I like the "Freedom of Choice" uprising in the USA...

And Mel Gibson, cornered in his kitchen. 😧

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