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Very low TSH - staying the same after lowering medication

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Hi - I'm new here 😊

I'm 52, been hypothyroid for about 30 years following the birth of my daughter.

I've been on 150 mg for years but over the last few years gone up to 175mg then to 200mg daily.

After mentioning some odd heart thumping and fatigue a blood test showed TSH of 0.02 .

My GP said I'd gone hyperactive and lowered my dose to 175mg,after 6 weeks no change so to 150mg,after 6 weeks no change and now on 125mg with another test in 6 weeks.

What is going on - why has it gone overactive and why is it not rising back up?

Might I need another medication or could it be nodules or Hashis or Graves?

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Very unlikely. If we have suppressed TSH for long time it may not respond.

Essential to test FT4 and FT3 - if they are in range then TSH can be ignored. Was quite likely absolutely fine at 200mcg dose, or may have needed minor reduction eg 175/200 alternate days

Highly likely too low now

What about your vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12.

Ask for these to be tested. Always get actual results and ranges


Suppressed TSH doesn't mean you are overmedicated if FT3 is in range. Refuse any more dose reductions until your GP checks FT3 level.

My TSH has been suppressed <0.01 for 5 years and my endo would like it higher, around 0.5 but it didn't budge after 3 dose reductions although my FT4 and FT3 dropped considerably. I refused to agree further dose reductions because I was beginning to feel less well.

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