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24 h urine analyses?

I would like to know if 24 hour urine analyses are routinely used anywhere outside Belgium, where the Hertoghe doctors use them once only: between the first and second visit, along with blood work. After that, they only look at hormone, vitamin and mineral levels in blood.

I have become more and more skeptical when it comes to the usefulness of 24 h urine analyses, for the main reason that they never coincide with blood results...and I fail to see their importance if they are only used once?

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I had the 24 hour urine test in February along with extensive blood tests via my private doctor.

What it showed was that even though my serum T4 level on levothyroxine was high, my tissue levels of both T4 and T3 were very low.

I have since had the DIO2 genetic test which confirmed that I have homozygous gene variation AA, which means I have 2 copies of the faulty gene which prevents me from converting T4 to T3 adequately.

I have given copies of my private tests to the NHS endocrinologist and she's written to my GP to say that I have a clinical need for liothyronine (T3).

The test is not routinely used here in the UK but it is definitely helpful in determining whether your cellular uptake of thyroid hormone is ok.

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OK, thanks for your input, good to know! My 24 h urine analysis also showed considerably lower cellular levels of T3 and T4 than in blood. I am just a bit surprised they only use the 24 h urine analysis once, and then settle for blood tests, but maybe one analysis tells doctors what they need to know...? In any case, my doctor is not obsessed with my TSH, and goes more by symptoms than labs.

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