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Hypothyroid diagnose in August 2017

Hi I'm not good at posting because I don't have my blood work on me my doc has all that. All I know is since August 16 I've been on 15 mg of methimazole & 60 mg daily of propranolol and my thyroid levels are fine now. My doc didn't really diagnose me tho. But feels since I'm responding well to these 2 meds I should just stay this course. They are retesting me in December with blood work and again in march. I feel much better then before sans the sweats & bring a bit tired. Thoughts??

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If you all don't remember I had a lump on my right side throat/neck with discomfort high anxiety that drove my nuts a fever. My first round of blood work showed my thyroid on the low end of normal. The neck sonogram showed inflammation on my thyroid love. After continuing to feel horrible like having the flu...another lump popped up on my left side. This time extremely painful like strep. Fever persisted every night and I was truly beside myself. Was bed ridden and cried all day/night! Wet back to doc with 3 more rounds of blood work and he was able to rule out hashimoto a and was truly perplexed with the lump now on the other side. I was so beside myself that he put me on prednisone for 5 days. Within the first 12 hours I was feeling so much better and started to function again. Sunday was my last dose and by Tuesday night my fever and pain came back. My doc did warn me that this was likely going to happen. By Wednesday I was put on a 2 week low dose of steroids and once again began to feel more like myself. Luckily when the steroid wore off my awful symptoms did not come back. But thru it all I took the thyroid Med and beta blocker. So now since it appears to be working for me he doesn't want to mess with it. I asked what it was and he said it was an "episode" where my thyroid was over producing and that's what occurred.

So not hashimoto and not quite sure if it's graves. I'm perplexed tho and almost feel like am I waiting for this to happen again??

What do you all think? Has this happened to any of you? I'm 51 years old and in fine health except for my migraines. Thank you all!!!


Methimazole is for Hyper not hypo maybe repost saying hyperthyroidism and those in the know will hopefully respond :)


Ok he

first said hyper then said hypo. Oh boy I am confused. Thank you


My thoughts are that you need to get a copy of those results from your doctor. He is treating your for hyperthyroidism, when you said you thought you had the symptoms of hypothyroidism. So, my thoughts are that you need - absolutely and urgently - need your antibodies testing. For both Grave's and Hashi's. But I'd put my money on the Hashi's. And, if it is Hashi's, the treatment you're on isn't going to work for long.


Thanks for your response. He first said hyper then said hypo! I will ask. Thanks


I think you should. Ask for the results of everything that was tested. Because the treatment you are following is for hyper.

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