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Lack of knowledge

So I went to see my Gp today. He knew nothing about the correlation between food intolerances and hashimoto disease. However he did say it was something he would look into. He had also never heard of Amour!

I went off to holland and Barrett's to buy magnesium, selenium and and multi vits. They all contained gluten. Does anyone know where I can get gluten free supplements?

Also if I start taking a multi vitamin, do I need to get VitaminB complex.

Please adviced x

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Younger doctors these days have never heard of natural dessicated thyroid hormones. All they know is levothyroxine is prescribed for hypothyroidism.

We have to read, learn and ask questions in order to feel much better.

Before supplementing ask GP to test, B12, Vit D,iron, ferritin and folate. You can get private tests for other deficiencies you may have as I don't think GP will do all of i.e. magnesium etc.


Newbyface Two things to say straight away

1) Don't buy H&B own brand or supermarket/Boots own brand. They're cheap for a reason and it's usually because they contain cheap ingredients and the least absorbable form.

2) Forget multivitamins, they generally contain too little of anything to help, and again tend to contain the cheapest and least absorbable forms of ingredients.

For magnesium, if Magnesium Citrate is your chosen form, then have a look at Natural Calm Original, it's a powder you can mix with orange juice and contains nothing but Magnesium Citrate The bigger pack is better value.

As I'm not gluten free I don't have any suggestions s for a gluten-free selenium, the one I use doesn't say it's gluten free. Best do a Google search if no-one has any recommendations.

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Hi - Solgar do a gluten free selenium - make sure you get the "yeast free" one. I buy from Amazon.

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