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Hi all went to docs today . Was told I read to much an that I could be giving myself symtoms because the brain is absorbing all the knowledge I'm getting . Anyhow doesn't want to label me with fibro I case I've something else like muscle mailiase whatever that is . Anyhow he give me amitriptyline to try an if no better just to ring him that he can do a referee over the phone for me that I don't need to bother coming to surgery ... Omg in other words please stop annoying me I also got him to do adrenal test

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I think it's a disgrace just to palm you off with a prescription instead of getting to the root of the problem. Does he think you have 'depresssion' taking account of your symptoms but ignoring your thyroid gland as the root problem? As for your 'brain' why does he think we bother trying to research why we aren't improving once diagnosed?

Does he think we really want to be immersed in looking for answers because they cannot be bothered? What are your blood tests for hypo. Is he keeping your dose too high so you are 'within range' instead of around 1 or below?

If he thinks you are 'depressed' why doesn't he prescribe some T3 which psychiatrists can use for their patients when, if hypo, we might be low if either not on sufficient hormones or not converting sufficiently into T3.

I am sorry you've lost your job and I would put that down to not being treated optimally with thyroid hormones that make you feel much better. If you have had recent blood tests, post the results with the ranges on a new question for comments.

My bloods r tsh 1.07. T4. 24 t3 3.3 the rages r tsh is 0.27. T4 12-22 t3 was 3.0-3.6. My antibodie is410. I've really no tyroid left due to hasi ... I think he said no endo would change my meds because all results r perfect

The results may be 'perfect' for your doctor but are your 'perfectly well'.

Email (some doctors stick by the guidelines) but most of us feel much better with a very low or even suppressed TSH which is mistakenly believed to give us osteo or heart problems). Ask for a copy of Dr Toft's article in Pulse and in question 6 you will see that he says that some of us need a suppressed TSH or even the addition of T3 (the dose he quotes is too low) to feel better.

Donnanomore, Are you sure the FT3 range is 3.0 - 3.6?

I think so he showed me on the screen an said look ur in range an I replied yea but my t4 bit high I don't think I'm converting well an that's when he said ur levels r perfect no endo would change this an I said well then why do I feel like this . Then the nurse said r u here again :(

Donna, I don't think the range is right. Perhaps you could check with the receptionist or practice manager.

3.2-6.2 or 3.8-6.8 are typical values and would indicate your FT3 is low and you aren't converting well. If that was the case some endos would consider adding Liothyronine (T3) to a reduced dose of Levothyroxine.

Yea I think il ring up

Hi clutter you were right the range for my t3 was 3.2 6.2. Do you think my t3 a bit low . Think I will try to go private . Surely I should b feeling better by now this has been going on now from march when my tsh was almost 16

Donna, yes T3 is low. High T4 and low T3 means you aren't converting well. I think Liothyronine (T3) added to a reduced dose of Levothyroxine will be helpful. Hard to say whether the unconverted T4 or the low T3 is making you unwell. Probably a combination of the two.

Thanks you know when something isn't right no matter what the doctor says .

Donna, yes you have to trust your own feelings. When I was constantly told 'it's not your thyroid' or 'it's not the Levothyroxine' I didn't believe them for long. In the end, with the help of this and other fora, I sorted out the problem without them.

He's just scared you'll end up knowing more than him! Stupid man! Of course your brain is absorbing all the stuff you're reading. That's the point of reading!

Your brain is absorbing knowledge and this is making you ill? I have never heard so much b*****ks in my entire life. If thinking and learning made people ill, how do children learn when they go to school? How do adults ever learn a new job or a new language or a new skill?

Your GP sounds like the most patronising idiot I have ever come across.

With reference to muscle malaise, it sounds like he makes up his own illnesses in the hope that you will believe him and go away.

Amitriptyline is used for a couple of purposes that I know of - it is an anti-depressant and also it helps some people with neuropathic pain.

Oh I really don't think il go back . I've had enough of all the bullst . Il just go for bloods again mabe about September il try an look after myself thanks for gettin back to me

Always ask for a print-out of your blood test results for your own records - we are entitled by law to have them and make sure ranges are included. You can then post here if you have a query or for a response.

We have to read and learn otherwise we might never get well enough. Of course, it would be better if we had knowledgeable doctors instead of us having to look on the internet for answers because I think we instinctively know their responses aren't right with regard to hypo.

Blood Test: Have the earliest possible appointment (TSH is highest a.m.) Leave 24 hours since last dose of levo and test as it may skew results and fast (you can drink water). Take levo after test.

Take thyroid hormones on wakening and wait approx 1 hour before eating. Some foods interfere with medication. Leave 4 hours between hormones and supplements which I have at lunchtime. Some prefer bedtime dosing, in that case you must leave 2 hours after eating before taking hormones. If you've had a fatty meal it should be longer. Food can interfere with the uptake.

Ask for Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate to be tested. They should be towards the upper range.

Thank you shaw for all your help an advice

Any anti -depressant will stop the absorption of thyroid meds to start with. Of course doctors will tell you its all in your head its their usual get out.

What dose of Amitriptyline has the Dr. Prescribed. A low dose of 10mg is for neuropathic pain and is used for fibro, anything over 50mg is used for depression. I have taken 10mg for 25years. Started withdrawing from it last nov. Now in big trouble with withdrawal. Seeing an endo next Tuesday. Really hoping for some answers. have you been given advice how to take it? A medical friend has suggested making an appt. with my pharmasist. There is a link re taking Levothyroxine and Amitrip. Together. Take care.

Hi I'm so glad to hear from you . I have to take 10 or 20 at night I took 10 last night I think I've fibro my doc doesn't seen to know . But what I would like to know is did you have any effects after the first tab I seem to be feeling worse as the day goes by . Pains in hands wrists between my thumb an first finger very sore also really tired like dazed . Why did you stop it

Hi. I took if for severe back pain. I had a back operation in the end. Unfortunately I had shingles on the nerve (in my back) that was operated on - very rare and it took a very long time to get to a good place with the pain. Amit. was a life saver for me, helped me sleep and with the pain. It takes about three weeks to build up. Usually do this slowly so stick to the 10mg and then have a review. Pain Concern, you can find them on the web will be able to help you with up to the min. info on how and what to take. The first time I took it I was out like a light. Really good night sleep. I have always taken it at supper time so not too hung over in the morning. You soon get used to it. So much so that playing around with the dose - a little up or down tricks the body to responding to the pain. It takes a while to get the full effect re your pains. I was fine on this for a good many years, also hypothyroid all that time. However I now have heart problems, fibromyalgia and a TSH that seems to be all over the place. Last Autumn I started withdrawing from a beta blocker and after a few days notice that my stomach problems just disappeard. So I thought I wonder how much better I might feel if I came off Amt. Did not do my research and it appears that both the Amt. and beta blocker had an effect on the TSH going from 0.3 to 15 in a matter of weeks. As I was withdrawing slowly it was not until Easter when I was not taking it anymore than my condition became worse. I have been taken by ambulance to A & E 5 times this year and it was only 2 weeks ago that a very good Doctor took the time to try and see what was happening to me, and suggested the withdrawing from Amt. could be the problem. I have gone back onto a small dose (half a tab. 5mg). The first night I slept from 10pm to 7am - almost unheard of for me. Since then I have had some good days and am really hoping the Endo on Tuesday will be able to help me further. Hope this helps. I am happy for you to phone me. Let me know if you would like that.

Best wishes.

Oh you have had a very hard time . I hope u will get sorted soon I'm hypo also my tsh was 16 now it's 1.07 but I never feel right I also take propanalol . I suffer with a bad stomach also continuous clearing my throat don't know if it's tyroid or stomach but very annoying anyhow thank you for all your info if I need any help with the amt il private mess you if u don't mind mabe I took it to late last night it around 11 pm . Thanks again

Ok. Think of me next Tuesday. Thyroid uk have asked for feedback. Will try and put a post up about my visit. Please visit pain concern, I am sure they will have some help for you about taking amt. please try taking it early eve. Until your body has adjusted to it , please do not drive in the evening. If you are going out in the evening and have to drive just wait and take the amt. when you get home. It will not be for ever. I know you are not happy about going to the dr, I know the feeling, however he has prescribed a new drug for you and it is best you have this reviewed. We should all do this. Best wishes.

Thank you your very kind words have made me feel bit better I will take my tab around 8 tonight :)

Seems like many women are treated like that as hypochondriac idiots who spend too much time online reading about stuff. It is really disappointing that we are treated like that as many women I know are intelligent and smart and are able to filter out the humbug.

There are some doctors over here writing blogs and columns in newspapers saying that they are fed up with people finding diagnoses online. Well... doesn't that tell about current state of healthcare than patients itself? Most of us already have blood tests done and they indicate everything is not right as yours does.

I hope you feel better soon regardless of that dr. Jerk :)

Your so right thank you you've just made me laugh :)

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