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Any Experience with Palpitations in the Evenings?

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Has anyone experienced this? Is it common for thyroid people to have palpitations in the evenings and at night? Is it due to being overmedicated? Just a note, this has been happening since I was just taking 25mcg Levo, so even at that low dose, I got these palpitations.

I take:

1. 150 mg Thyrogold (50mcg T4, 12.5mcg T3)

2. 6.25mcg T3

3. 25mcg Levo (for first trimester of pregnancy)

Thanks in advance.

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Hi not sure if this helps but hay I will have a go. This is my first time on this site.

I was on T3 and T4 for years and I had regular palpitations. I managed it it ty chi breathing exercises. To cut a long story short I was taken off T3 two years ago because it is not good for me in old age. A thyroid specialist seen I came off it safely. I take a higher T4 instead 150mg/ day All the palpitations have gone. I also was getting chest tightening like an anxiety attack that has gone as well.

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Inana in reply to Royo

Removing T3 helped you get rid of them, essentially?

If removing T3 doesn't resolve things, I'd suggest getting your cortisol levels checked. As you may have adrenal fatigue very common before and with hypothyroidism, just that the thyroid problem is first to be diagnosed... Hope that helps!

I use magnesium in a variety of forms from green smoothies, Epsom salt baths which I get from Westland labs in bulk. Magnesium gel and oil spray. I also take magnesium citrate or malate and have just learnt that threonate is good for the heart mitochondria. I haven't tried it yet. Cardiac muscle only uses T3 and T3 speeds up cellular metabolism if your electrolytes are out of sync then palpitations. You know when you're on track as your stools become loose, then ease back.

It would be good for you to find out why you got hypothyroidism in the first place and I can recommend Dr Isabella Wenz's books and Dr Sarah Myhill's website. Stealth infections can be a culprit for electrolyte imbalance, if you want the name of a good functional nutritionist please pm me.

Best Wishes with your pregnancy

Thank you!

You're very welcome Inana,

It would also be prudent to check your T3/reverse T3 levels the ratio should be above 20.

You 'll find more information on the stop the thyroid madness website and you'll need to have that tested privately. Look up the ThyroidUK website for lab tests.

My recent experience and understanding is that the thyroid is our accelerator pedal using T3 the active hormone our natural deaccelaretor is reverse T3 which is converted from T4 in times of mental, physical, emotional, biotoxin stress.

Lab tests will appear to be within range for both T4 and T3 but the heart can only utilise T3 and cardiac cells become hypothyroid! @Marz pointed me in the direction of Ribose a year ago and that was a godsend.

Best Wishes

This is very helpful. I live in Switzerland and they do not test for rT3 here, apparently, so I booked a ticked to London for little less than two weeks to have it checked there by medichecks. Depending on how I feel, I use that plane ticket because currently I am feeling quite poorly.

What is Ribose? Is it a medication?

Only then can I know if this is a rT3/Ft3 ratio issue. When I find that out, I will know which to take between NDT, T3 Only or just Levo only, although already, Levo hasn't worked much, but I have never been on a high dose of it so maybe I was just not correctly medicated.

Thank you again.

Armin labs in Augsburg send out a postal test kit which might be more convenient for you if you're not up to flying. ThyroidUk do a checklist of tests and also have a list of specialists who might work with you on Skype..

Cardiac muscle loves Ribose (a type of sugar) and CoQ10 (active form is Ubiquinol I take it with PQQ. Nutrimed in the Netherlands is a good online source. Dr Myhill also recommends Carnitine but I have not used that. Post your results online when you have them and try to minimise and reverse your toxic load on the liver.

Best Wishes

Will do. Thanks for the excellent advice. I appreciate it.

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