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Levothyroxine and T3 and MPN

Hi, this is my first post in this forum, I apologise for the length of it.

I am 54, I have Polycythemia Vera which caused a stroke, and hypothyroidism. I have regular vena secctions where 450mls of blood is taken each time. I was on levothyroxine 150mcg, but wasn't well on it, so tried NDT and T3, I have been even more ill since starting this 6 months ago, not been able to get it to work for me, also on hydrocortisone for tested low cortisol. I feel absolutely dreadful. It may be my blood disorder that is stopping this from working, as my various blood levels fluctuate continuously.

I have decided to go back on Levo with added T3. I was on 1.5 grains NDT and 37.5mcg T3 spread over 3 doses. I would appreciate advice on what dose of levo to take. I took 50mcg this morning and T3 during the day and I feel terrible, I am bed ridden as I write this. I have been very ill over the past 6 months and I really need to feel better. Had a vena section for my PV on Monday. Haematocrit 0.394 and HB 12.4 post vena section, this is the lowest it i has been so far. N.B I don't have Hashimotos.

Thank you for reading this, I do hope there is someone out there who can advise me or at least tell me what has worked for them.



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Welcome to the forum, Clare47.

Have you thyroid results and ranges you can post so we can check you were optimally dosed on 1.5 grains NDT and 37.5mcg T3? Ranges are the figures in brackets after the results.

1.5 grains NDT is equivalent to 97.5mcg Levothyroxine so you should increase dose to 100mcg.

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