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Low iodine,high flurodie levels

I am on thyroxine and have trouble losing weidht so iwent to see a prvate nutrionist recently and had a 24 hour Halides Urine test. This shows that I have very low iodine levels and high fluoride levels and so could explain the difficulty of losing weight.

I wanted to check it out with my gp but he says he doesn't know anything about it - I think he doesn't like me going tto see someone else!

I'm going back too the nutritionist but want to get some ideas of what to do about this before i go. I think I'ce read that you can't take iodine supplements if you're on thyroxine.

Any idea please?

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You should be getting sufficient iodine from thyroxine and diet. Supplementing high dose iodine can induce Hashimoto's and can cause flare ups in patients who already have Hashimoto's.

If you post your recent thyroid results and ranges I can advise whether you are optimally dosed. If you are undermedicated that will make it difficult to lose weight.


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