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Who can I ask my GP to refer me to in London?

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's about 13 years ago. I also probably have Sjogren's (dry mouth and eyes).I don't eat wheat or sugar and avoid cow's milk. I'm on a dose of 137.5mcg T4 which was reduced a few months ago from 150mcg because of a low TSH. My main problem is brain fog and difficulty concentrating. For the last few months I have also had aching limbs and a sore hip so I now limp. My latest results (I'm due to discuss these with the GP) are: TSH 0.05 (0.3-4.2),

FT4 19.0 (9.0-23.0),

FT3 3.6(2.5-5.7),

vit D 63.6 (70-150)

The test says my TSH is 'abnormal' and yet it says my vit D is 'satisfactory'. 6 months ago my vit D was also below the reference range and ,again, my records said it was 'satisfactory. I asked the GP last time if he would prescribe T3 or LDN and he refused. He referred me to a herbalist who prescribed ashwagandha (which does help) but it costs £40 a month which is difficult. I think the GP would refer me to someone if I asked but I don't know who would prescribe T3 in London. I'd be very grateful for advice.


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Your vitamin D is too low - but not lie enough for GP to treat

you can supplement - vitamin D mouth spray is good - various strengths available- 3000iu is good one to start on

What about B12, folate and ferritin- ask for these to be tested

Also need to be at good levels

Are you gluten free- if not worth trying. Very many find it helps significantly

Email Louise at Thyroid UK for list of recommended thyroid specialists

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SlowDragon Thank you. Yes I am gluten free and it definitely helps. I avoided wheat for years but would politely eat it at other people's houses and suffer the stomach upsets later. Now I tell people about it and don't eat it at all - and that is a big improvement. I actually found I'd already bought some vit D3 -Doh! brain fog - so I'll be taking that. I've emailed Louise about the specialists- thank you so much for the advice.



If you've bought vitD capsules or tablets make sure you take them 4 hours away from Levothyroxine.

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Thank you for that Clutter.


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