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can a thyroid problem show high blood sugar levels

Hi Everybody This my first post I was born with eczema but was not diagnosed until I was about 7 or 8 years old I had to try all the creams and ointments and the only one that suited me was Betnovate which is topical ointment which means it has steroids in it and should not be used long term I have been on it for 35 or 36 years I'm supposed to be type 2 diabetic but when I go shopping I don't take that mornings dose as I wouldn't be able to get to the toilet in time and when I don't take it it's magic I'm not running to the loo and don't tummy pain I asked my doctor for a thyroid test he got mad and said I can't see anybody else while he is treating me for diabetes so I'm going to see the female doctor as she listens to you but what I want to know is can a thyroid problem show high blood sugar levels when I was first diagnosed type 2 It was only 51 now the last time was 89 is there anybody out there who is the same when I go for my blood's later this month I'm going to ask for my thyroid test and start from the beginning with the female doctor any help thank you for reading this and going so long thanks

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If you see a different doctor they can treat your diabetes, hopefully without getting mad because you asked for a thyroid test.

"One thing to note is that although hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism do not directly affect blood sugar levels, not treating thyroid disease can cause lots of issues in managing your blood sugars because the effects the symptoms have on your body and how your body metabolizes glucose and insulin." 26 Jan 2012

Info on Dealing with Diabetes and Thyroid Disease - Healthline

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Hi Clutter, Thank you for your reply I forgot to say that I was stick thin and underweight until I had my tonsils out at 5 years old then in 3 months I put on 22 pounds but was still classed as just underweight until I started using Betnovate within the first couple of months I started to gradually put on weight by the time I started secondary school I was in a man size 34 inch waist trousers then by the time the second year started I had gone up to 36 inch waist trousers and the weight has gradually gone up over time I'm now in a 52 inch waist jogging bottoms as I can't fit into trousers any longer if I do have thyroid trouble it's down to Betnovate


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