Thyroid results

Thyroid results


I've been on levothryoxine for years

Been unwell recently

Anxiety stress fatigue and brain fog so faked for tests done

All apparently ok. I asked for copies and some look very very "not ok". Can I get some advise here please ?

My tsh out and also some other blood work out too ?



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  • I don't know who thought these results were clinically satisfactory?? YOu need a dose increase and retest in 6 weeks and increase until TSH is near to 1.0 or a little lower.

    Also test B12, ferritin, folate and vitamin D as all can be deficient. What about thyroid antibodies, any result for those?

  • Yes I thought it was wrong

    My b12 is 580

    Ferretin. 41

    Folate. 3.4

    Vitamin d Serum calcium 2.36

    Calcium adjust level. 2.48

    Serum Albium. 37

    Vitamin d level. 80.8

    I asked for all the above and told results ok ???

  • There's no way these results are "satisfactory ". I feel dreadful

  • You need to add the laboratory ranges for these so we can comment. labs do vary so it's impossible to tell if out of range or not without the numbers in the brackets - you can see the ranges in brackets in your photo above.

  • Sorry apologies. I'll type then in

  • Hiya. I will send as a new thread as a photo if that ok ?

  • Are you in Uk ?

    Have you recently had a change in brand of thyroxine. In particular to Teva?

    Started any new medications or any other changes that might account for change

    TSH is far too high

    As Nanaedake says important to get antibodies test to see if you have autoimmune thyroid disease also called Hashimoto's

    With Hashimoto's it's very common common to have low vitamin D, folate, ferritin and/or B12

    These, if too low affect thyroid

  • No change in any meds. Little worried now

  • I'm on 150 Levo have been For years. Get re tested every year and same response "satisfactory ". But always fatigued. Brain fog and anxiety terrible. But doctor just says "it's fine ". Obviously not

  • Sadly not uncommon

    Ask for these tests. If GP unhelpful then can you see different one at practice

    Or private tests are available

    Medichecks Thyroid plus ultra vitamin or Blue Horizon Thyroid plus eleven are the most popular choice

    DIY finger prick test or option to pay extra for private blood draw

    All thyroid tests should be done as early as possible in morning and fasting and don't take Levo in the 24 hours prior to blood draw, delay and take straight after

  • Thank you. Yes I've booked a review of the results with another doctor so here looking for advise. Thx

  • I think you need to find a new doctor that understands thyroid disease. The aim of treatment is to return you to a euthyroid state. I would get hold of all your previous results to find out what has been going on. Check whether antibodies have been tested and maybe find a new GP who understands thyroid disease.

  • Thank you so much. I hope I am able to obtain historical records. As I've been poorly quite sometime. I've really struggled with weight and stress and anxiety. Doctor just put me on citalopram for depression. I had to ask for all re tests !!!

  • I'm appalled that the doctor gave you citalopram without bothering to correct your thyroid deficiency or check vitamin levels!

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr it's the laziest type of care and I'm so sick of hearing so many people coming on this forum having suffered for so long with this type of incorrigible approach to thyroid care. You deserve better, much better, poor you.

    Get your thryoid and vitamins levels right and I doubt you'll need citalopram which after all affects the way you absorp levothyroxine, see the patient information accompanying the tablets.

    Make sure your NEW doctor does all the vitamins, Vit D, folate, ferritin and B12 and in fact as you've been undertreated for so long by the NHS make sure they do a full blood panel as you deserve to know whether they've done you any long term harm!!!

    You can register for online access to your historical blood test results. Ask your GP surgery to organise it and make sure you request enhanced access to view blood test results. It's your right and surgeries must comply.

    If they protest, talk to the practice manager first, print out the document in the link if necessary. If they cannot arrange online access, say you want a print out of all your historical blood test results since they are not compliant with NHS legislations, then alert your local Healthwatch.

  • Thank you so much for your help. Sorry if this has annoyed you xxxx. I've tried for years. Even asked is the anxiety linked to thyroid. And got told "Don't be silly"

    So just carried on with citalopram

  • Mannionsair my sympathy to you . When Endo/Dr's dose by TSH and FT4 are not understanding how to dose thyroid patients . Labs are fine and needed it but TSH FT4 does not the full picture . We need FT3 TgAb etc. and nutrients too . Lab only show serum results and they fluctuate all the time . Symptoms are way more telling . If one is not well dosed one will have symptoms till thyroid meds are optimally dosed . Nutrients are very crucial as well they factor in they help our thyroid meds work optimally . Vit"D" , Selenium , B-12/folate , Iron can help with anxiety palpitations if needed it . Vit "C" , Zinc, Magnesium .Adrenals also factor in to thyroids they work in unison . If not well dosed with thyroid meds adrenals pick up the slack . When introducing T3 it may unmask adrenal insufficiencies .

    Best wishes with the next steps .

  • Definitely not ok...i hope you get better soon. I just got online last night to view my blood work and it looks like i may have hashimoto and wasnt told. Makes ne sad

  • So sorry. Hopefully someone will listen xx

  • I had Cytalapram for 7 yrs.

  • No, sorry it's not you that's annoyed me, it's the horrible way that thyroid patients have been treated historically. I've had years of useless medical care too. I've got a good doc now so they do exist and getting my blood result online has helped a great deal as I can now discuss my bloods and symptoms knowledgeably.

    It makes me angry that docs don't explain anything about thyroid conditions to patients and anxiety is a well known symptom of thyroid imbalance - Most probs they don't know a thing about it and have never bothered to gen up on it which is inexcusable since 1 in 20 people in UK have a thyroid condition, mostly women of course. I'm sure if a man rocked up to their surgery feeling very unwell they would be doing every man-test under the sun to get the 'breadwinner' back to work, not dishing out SSRI's and fobbing them off.

    Cheaper to shove antidepressants at female patients, even if they don't work to correct underlying problems, than actually help them to get well!!

    Please let us know how you get on with your NEW doctor!

  • It's ok I didn't think it was me that annoyed you. I'm just so glad it's not just me. I've asked and asked and been ignored.

  • I've set a new feed up with my other results. Can I be cheeky. Nanaedake. Could you have a look at those too. Thx again x

  • Hi,

    I'm just learning too so I'm not qualified to give you any real advice... Greygoose who comments on my thread is great though! Maybe we can learn on this journey together, cos I'm bloody sick of it!

    It's a real shame but not a surprise that our GP's are clueless... I think I'm gonna bite the bullet and see someone privately.

    I have been exhausted for 7 years, it's a standing joke with everyone that I have no memory, my nickname is Dory but I just can organise a frigging thing anymore! X

  • I can sympathise. Im totally fed up. Managed to get review of results next wed. N if they don't listen. Request referral to endrocologist

  • Thanks for info Dory.....I am on same journey too!

  • If there are so many of us why arnt GPs doing something???

  • Seems GP training needs addressing! Maybe we should ask Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) the same question?

  • I'm sure I could have a word. I work for NHS not clinically. Hence the reason I'm asking all the questions

    as no on at work helps 😡😡

  • Seems a helpful way of getting you voice heard. Think local CCGs on Google

  • Good luck with getting endo referral Mannionsair, I have requested, even offered pay myself, for last 2.5 yrs! GP tells me, GPS treat thyroid no need for endo... and lately, she just glosses over my request.

    I persuaded my husband to ask once, on my behalf, but in the end, she convinced him no need. By the time, I left the surgery, not only my GP, but my husband too, was now convinced I have a mental health problem.

    My thyroid issues, are costing me my marriage, (I'm so over having no support, does my marriage matter anymore?), I have filled in a form to change GP surgery, this morning. I am using what little strength I can muster to help my health improve.

    6 weeks ago, my tsh was 0.01 (0.27-4.2).

    I have a letter from consultant in rheumatology telling me ultrasound shows features of thyroid autoimmune.

    Wednesday it was, 4.57 (0.27-4.2). GP just said, it is in range. We can't always get it perfect. No medication change.

    I am taking antibiotics for UTI. I cried all day yesterday. My GP left a message on my phone saying my (yesterday), urine sample only showing traces of leukocytes, which she would not treat.

    My husband had taken me to my daughter's home, as he worked, whilst there, the GP receptionist, told me to continue antibiotics that hospital had given me last Friday....... GP instructions!!

    I think my problem is now 2 fold. I have also been diagnosed Sjogrens syndrome. I feel hospital cover infections with antibiotics sooner, rather than later... GP appears to watch and wait...

    Once again, my GP has little, if any, knowledge of sjogrens. Just as with thyroid symptoms, she is really not interested.

    I have to leave her practice, (my choice), I would like to wish her well, (its my nature), but I just cannot.

    I am feeling close to a breakdown, because doctors, consultants, GPS do not communicate well. Then, they offer different advice, treatment plans, opinions..

    I want to scream, my diagnosis is, IATROGENICS!!!!

    I am so sorry for this rant.

    I feel your pain, I have it too. Good luck.

  • Thank you. You too. It's awful and you not going crazy Hun. You really aren't xxx

  • Tell the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) locally, they hold the purse strings

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