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Just out of hospital

As I wrote in my previous post, I have been told by my gp that my tsh is slightly high but not put on any treatment. Sunday I've been taken to hospital with heart palpitations. While in there all tests came back fine except thyroid. They said the same slightly hy tsh 5.6 t4 ok and my potassium levels a bit low. On hospital they put me on potassium for 4 days. On my release paper from hospital diagnosis sais hypothyroidism. The letter has been sent to the GP also. Do I fallow this? Do I need to kick off at my GP to be put on medication? I don't understand if I should or not be getting treatment. If thyroid was the cause of my heart problems, surely treatment is necessary, what should I do?

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My advice would be to point out to your GP that the hospital diagnosis is hypothyroidism and will he please start you on Levothyroxine. He may not want to so you could suggest he takes it up with the doctor who made that diagnosis. I wouldn't kick off or demand anything, that will put your doctor's back up. Just be assertive and polite. A TSH of 5.6 is high and although you've not given the range I am certain it will be over range.

Just to give you an example of something similar - my ex-daughter in law had multiple miscarriages with a couple of healthy births in between. She showed all the signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism but GP wouldn't take any notice or do anything other than send her for tests for epilepsy (she kept passing out). She eventually went private to a doctor I had been using, this doctor confirmed hypothyroidism and prescribed Levo privately. My d-i-l took the Levo, had another miscarriage and on her hospital letter it said "Thyroid levels fine for someone on Levothyroxine" (or something similar which confirmed a diagnosis and treatment of hypothyroidism. When she went to see her GP and pointed this out, she was told "Well, I suppose I'll have to prescribe Levo for you now". The fact that the NHS had basically confirmed her diagnosis and that her treatment (Levo) was fine, the GP apparently had to go along with it. You have your NHS diagnosis in writing!

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Thank you for your response. I will go back to my gp and tell them that. I did have 2 miscarriages also. But they didn't think it's related to thyroid. They said sometimes it just happens, but I knew it's got to do with this.


Unfortunately, miscarriages are associated with hypothyroidism, I have four grandchildren who didn't take breath due to unknown/undiagnosed hypothyroidism :(

Google hypothyroidism and pregnancy or hypothyroidism and miscarriage

Here's just one link hypothyroidmom.com/have-you...


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