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fidgeting and weight loss

I watched a Tv documentary about weight issues a few years ago and part of it looked at people who move a lot. Not exercise but lots of small movements, people who talk with their hands, fidget and make lots of small movements. The sort of people who cant sit still for long. Apparently people like this can eat huge amounts of food and tend to be thin. I am wondering if this could e a diagnostic observation re hypothyroid people or even hyperthyroid. I am aware that untill recently I would sit or lie still for long periods and that fine movements were at a minimum. It is only as I have got better that I have started to pace around a bit, often flicking my fingers while I think. My head moves more and I think I have more facial expression. Has anyone else noticed this? either more so when hyper or less movement when hypo.

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Movement and reactions do become slower and blunted when hypothyroid so I think it likely they do speed up when you become euthyroid. Fidgetting is certainly a hyperthyroid symptom.


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