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Clotting disorders


It appears that I may have a mild clotting disorder. I have two blood tests that indicate I have a prolonged clotting time. I can't find any links between clotting and hypothyroidism (except some suggestions that it may increase the likelihood of blood clots? - the opposite problem). Have also read that it could be linked to a vitamin K deficiency. I already take a K2 supplement which I have stopped at the moment as I don't know whether it's OK to continue while this is being investigated.

Just wondered if anyone else has had experience of this?

Many thanks

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Oh this post just came up as I posted the above. Interesting...



My understanding is the opposite is the case. Taking K2 with D3 directs calcium to your bones and NOT your arteries.

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Yes. Taking from arteries to the bones. Sorry if i messed up with my english. Lol 😁😁😁😁

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It could be a completely separate issue. I was diagnosed with Factor XI deficiency (haemophilia C) in 1985, after several operations had resulted in more than normal bleeding that wouldn't stop properly. And looking back into childhood, I've had the problem all my life, as does my sister. I was diagnosed with Graves in 1987, the had RAI and hypo ever since. But I don't think there's a connection. Haemophilia is a gene defect.

If you have some sort of bleeding disorder, you should have it tested, and carry a card to alert people in case of an accident. And maybe a Medicalert bracelet or similar. I'm registered under Addenbrooke's haemophilia centre, so that I'm on a database.

Hope this is helpful!

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