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Yellow stool update .Thank you. And inspiration hopefully

Hi in an earlier post I was very worried 're stool being yellow .everyone kindly gave me sound advice . Which I am so greatful for .

I have had my bloods .namely liver function done and they were normal range thankfully .

I now getting brown stool again a lot too .and it seems to correlate with slower transit .But still non constipated stool .I really am thinking it's the new dairy free sugar free diet .like lots of you said it could be .

I think dairy free stopped my constipation of 30 years and headaches and brain fogs have dramatically improved .

I think this could be also due to sugar free and aspartame free and caffeine free .I was already gluten free for 4 years .

So anyone thinking of trying cutting out things for hashimoto symptom relief.

I recommend cutting out above .Or just try one .

Any advice I am happy to give of course as u all give me

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Thanks for posting, Poppppy. I'm glad liver function is normal.


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