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Opratation coming up need help asking a question

Hi guys & girls

Just a question I have had problems with my thyroid for three years now

Mainly on my right side which now affects my neck and ear and my voice has gone horse.

I am having a opratation to have half of it taken out since I have been diagnosed with thyroid disease

I noticed I get swollen legs painful down the side of both legs

And ankles all started once I got thyroid disease

Do you think once this has been removed the pain in my legs will stop hurting and the swelling am getting stop

My opratation is on the 21st sept

Any input would be most grateful

Crystal x

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Hi Crystal,

I was in the same situation in January. Had a nice big goitre that affected my breathing and swallowing. I am not diagnosed as Hypo because my my bloods returns TSH as "normal" while T4 consistently below range and a LOT of hypo symptoms. No swelling of ankles and legs...

What I can say is that initially after surgery I did feel better. Not sure if it was psychological because something was being done to improve my condition.

But since you are diagnosed with thyroid disease you will most probably already be on some meds. It is a good idea to post your blood results with references as well as your dosage you currently taking. There are plenty of people on this site that will give you valuable feedback.

Good luck with the surgery. It is not easy.



Are you taking Levothyroxine? Do you have recent thyroid results and ranges?

Hemilobectomy relieved the compression of my trachea so breathing and swallowing were much easier after the surgery but as I had half a thyroid gland remaining Hashi symptoms didn't improve at all.


I am not on any medication .. I have had this goitre for three years .. painful more so now then three years ago

So they will take just over half out like a L shape.

All I know is that once I got this my legs started to get affected . Strange really

All I want to do is have this op and recover and get back to work and of course lose weight. So depressing

I take my dogs out almost every other day to keep my legs moving .. hopefully I can be my normal self again

Not sure on blood levels apart from them saying that is Borderline so no meds given


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