Does Dose Correlate to Bloods?

Hi All,

I just started consistently taking medication in the last 6-8 weeks. I'd been on for four weeks without guidance, then stopped. Tried again for two weeks, reacted poorly (chest pains/palps...), then stopped. Changed docs, took another med for three weeks then never heard from that doc again, after requesting the refill. Stopped again. Ugh! It's been trying.

But now, I have consistently been on the same brand/type meds and titrating slowly (up every 10 days) for the last 8 weeks or so. I'm now up to 3/4 grain Nature Throid (I know, but my starting dose was super low, 1/8g while I worked on Iron and D).

Yet, I've met many people at my job, who have been on Armour Thyroid for two weeks and started feeling entirely back to their usual selves within that short time span. I realize I'm still on a introductory dose, and many variables come into play, like conversion and mineral absorption, but I wonder, generally, shouldn't I feel even slightly better, instead of getting new symptoms (foot swelling and nerve pain at swelling site, worsened carpet tunnel pain) ?

My labs are not particularly out of range, but I have had 17 symptoms throughout this ordeal. I wonder, and if you have a word on this I'd really appreciate it, whether the more symptoms one has despite his her lab values, the more medication they will need to feel relief??? Or does dose amount typically correspond more closely to FT3/FT4/antibodies levels?

Do you know of instances where a person who's labs are close to "normal" but has SEVERAL SYMPTOMS, takes more medication than say a person who's blood LABS are grossly out of range?

I'm suspecting I may feel some slight relief once I get to 1grain or 1.5, but I wants to ask all of you who have experience and practice in this.

Thank you so much for your time.


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You need to be optimally dosed before you can expect most symptoms to resolve and you may find that some symptoms will lag behind good biochemistry by several months. "My labs are not particularly out of range" doesn't sound as though you are optimally dosed. Can you post labs with ranges since being on 3/4 grain?

Most people taking NDT will be optimally dosed when FT3 is in the upper third of range with low or suppressed TSH.

Hi Clutter! Thank you. Yes, I will do a new post as soon as my labs are available. I won't have them drawn for 4 weeks; but I will create a new post asap.

I just wondered, generally, can one person with very high or very low labs but few symptoms, take more meds than say someone with many symptoms but good lab numbers (upper of FT3, suppressed tsh).


Thank you! I will def post when I get my new labs.....I appreciate you.


If someone has few symptoms it is likely that they are optimally dosed and their labs will reflect this. Labs should not be unduly high or low. The dose required to deliver good levels and relieve symptoms will always be individual.

Ahhh, oh ok, I hear you. 🤔I understand.

That question initially came from noticing so many people I've spoken with who after two weeks, generally, on Armour Thyroid at least, they felt back to themselves. which got me thinking, 'well damn, my labs weren't that "off" to begin with so why am I struggling?'

So it's from person to person a different scenario, but labs come into play in the dosing assessment. Just be sure the labs are within optimal range, and that should correspond to ones relief of function/symptoms.

I really appreciate you and everyone here...I think I'll se an improvement. Today some of the fluid fell off and my sensitivity to light has softened I'm on my way, and you so many here, have been a lighthouse. My gratitude overflows....

Thank you.


I'm sure I just read here that nature thyroid is not as strong as other NDTs as it is not bovine. I wish I could find a link to the conversation but it may be worth looking into. But as clutter has already said without your labs posted we don't know where in the range you are at present.


NatureThroid contains 38mcg T4 and 9mcg T3 the same as Armour, WP, NP, Thyroid-S. Thiroyd and Erfa have slightly less T4 and T3 than the other brands.

If the bovine brands declare whether they contain active T4 and T3 they don't say how much or they would require a prescription.

I'm going to make a new post once I have my newest lab results, for sure. ☺️

Good to know!

Thank you Rusty! I think I didn't post my question well....I was trying to ask if you have heard of people with good labs (upper FT3, suppressed tsh) and several symptoms, taking more meds than someone with no or very few symptoms and poor labs? Or better said: does the amount of medication differ between two people who have the same labs ?


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