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Can not feel well on T4

I am two years into taking T4 and haven't felt well throughout.

My child asked for his old mum back.

I am always told by my GP I'm well because off my lab tests but I don't even know how to understand reading my printout lab readings.

All I know, I have (pretty much) all the symptoms linked to an under-active thyroid still affecting my daily life and my GP isn't at all bothered.

I believe I had an under active thyroid years before my GP took test.

Within the years I believe I had an under active thyroid undiagnosed, I got misdiagnosed with ADHD because even though I had no hyperactivity

(in fact the complete opposite) I was hyperactive throughout my childhood and therefore got diagnosed with having ADHD.

I now believe after getting diagnosed with an under active thyroid and doing research,

I probably had thyroid problems as a child.

My Doctor's now because I've been diagnosed with ADHD (mental heath condition) think they don't need to lessen to me.

I have told my Doter's I am still living with all the symptoms linked to an under active thyroid whilst taking T4 but they deny this is happening to me because they think it's all in my head and a lab test tell them I'm well.

Please help me. Can your lad test be telling your doctor your in normal rang but still have all the symptoms present within your body linked to having hypothyroidism

I know I'm still ill because the symptoms I'm having are the symptoms linked to having hypothyroidism but I feel a lad test is taking priority over me being able to get well.

I'm I all alone or has this happened to anyone else suffering with hypothyroidism.

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I'm really sorry about your stupid doctors, sorry but it just makes me mad when I read about yet another person on here who'd doctors make them feel as though it's all in their head. NO, it's not in your head and yes you can feel hypothyroid when your labs are what doctors call 'normal'. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....sorry, sorry, sorry for years of misery.

You are most probably right that you had thyroid problems as a child since they most probably didn't test for thyroid antibodies. I would get copies of your latest blood test results and post them here then people can give you good advice.

You can ask the receptionist to organise a print out of your results or register to get your blood test results online through a web portal, your GP receptionist should be able to tell you how to go about it or contact the practice manager. It's your right to get your results according to legislation. Find out your FT4, FT3, TSH and thyroid antibodies as a start.

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Thank you so much. I thought I was all alone. It's hard to understand why a lab test is saying your well but your not. I find it quit difficult to understand, so putting up my results and having help by other people who were suffering or still are suffering with this awful condition will be invaluable. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR HELP XXX

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I hope we can help. Looking forward to seeing results.

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