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Will UK endos stand up for liothyronine?

I've read that Thyroid UK has a list of endocrinologists/GPs who are pro T3 (liothyronine)- or at least, not against it. Could someone write to them to see if they are willing to stand up and be counted? Maybe some of them would sign a letter to, say, NHS head Simon Stevens and/or the Times, opposing the withdrawal of T3.

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TUK has a list of member recommended endocrinologists. That doesn't mean they support use of T3 or NDT although some do.

Clinicians can complete the NHS consultation so hopefully some will but it would be marvellous if you did write to them asking them to complete it and to stand up for their patients prescribed it.


Thanks, that's helpful. I don't mind writing, but I thought it would sound better and more official coming from Thyroid UK! I was thinking it would be good to see if some doctors would stand up publicly for T3, as well as in the NHS consultation.



I don't think TUK are sufficiently staffed to do it with their conference coming up in Sept but feel free to contact Louise.roberts@thyroiduk.org with your suggestion.

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The list, as Clutter has mentioned, is of member-recommended endos (no GPs). As far as we are aware none of the endos have any idea that they are on any such list and it may be that they would rather not be.

As part of our campaign we will be writing to all sorts of people, including endocrinologists, we will just be wording it carefully... :)



That's brilliant, I'll leave it to you! Thanks for replying.


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