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My blood results( resent cos 1st one blurred)

Hello i have resent my results as the 1st blurred, i know some of you responded with there views last night which i really do appreciate as i really do not want to be fobbed of by docs. It would be great if administrators could give their views aswell. Sorry to people who struggled to read it last night but still helped me.x😊

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Administrators are not admin because their views are more knowledgeable than other members, in many cases it is less.

TSH is suppressed, FT4 mildly over range, and FT3 is considerably over range, all of which means you are hyperthyroid. You have been prescribed 20mg Carbimazole and your GP should also refer you to endocrinology for management. That may take several weeks so bloods should be monitored 4-6 weeks after starting Carbimazole. Your GP might not be able to order TRab or TSI to check for Graves Disease but an endocrinologist will be able to.

You've had advice on your previous thread re ferritin/iron.

B12 and folate are fine.

ESR is an inflammation marker and is high.

Packed cell volume in FBC is low but one abnormal result is probably not significant. There may be an explanation of what it is in labtestsonline.org/understa...


Thankyou clutter thats great, got endoc appoint 10th october and asking doc for antibodie bloods on monday.so greatful for your advice.i think on previous threads my b12 and serum folate are low?



B12 608 is almost top of range.

Folate 5.9 is low in range but it's not deficient. You can raise folate by eating more green veg.

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