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Now got meningioma

Hi everyone,

I went for my Thyroid Eye Disease follow up appointment today. Did further tests and measurements, all seeming OK, no worsening from last appointment in March. I had a CT scan in April and she said there was some thickening of the eye muscle of the eye that is protruding. Then I'm told I have a meningioma (a tumour of the meninges covering of the train (in other words a brain tumour). She said not life threatening or sight threatening and is referring me to a neuro surgeon.

Has anyone else on here had this experience. To be honest, I'm feeling a bit scared.

Thanks for reading.


Oh follow up for Thyroid Eye Disease is in another 6 months.

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Very sorry to hear you've got meningioma but your doc sounds positive. It sounds like you're getting to see an expert specialist which is good. Let us know how you get on.


((( Rita_D )))


MeningiomaUK are on HU but aren't very active although all posts are answered. healthunlocked.com/search/m...


Nanaedake & Clutter, Thank you for your responses. I'm trying to be positive but was just a bit shell shocked. I wasn't expecting that! I've found the Meningioma UK website and l've asked for some information from them. Hope they're as helpful as all the lovely people on this forum have been to me.

All the best. xx


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