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Natural diet protocol to help thyroid

Just incase anyone has not heard of this, I thought that I would post.

Briefly: I was listening to one, and then interest piqued so listened to several interviews of Heart Transplant / Open Heart Surgeon, Dr Gundry. He states that patients with Thyroid issues Always have raised Adiponectin hormone levels. He is not sure if just a marker (body creating more to aid body?) He sees 10's of 1000's of patients and he finds that those with high adiponectin levels (thyroid/autoimmune inc RArthritis) if major lectins were removed from the diet, their inflammatory markers would fall to normal and disease resolved. (markers CRP, IL6, TNF alpha)

Audio Interview (Self Hacked Joe Cohen interviewing Dr Gundry title 'Turning off autoimmunity with a Lectin avoidance diet' also Dave Asprey Bulletproof interviewing Dr Gundry - both fascinating. Bulletproof interview is more enlightening re microbiome) x

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Thanks for posting. An interesting read.

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It has just been pointed out to me of the following excerpt:-

I also asked Gundry why the dangers of lectins didn’t appear in his first book, Dr. Gundry’s Diet Evolution: Turn Off the Genes That Are Killing You and Your Waistline (Amazon lists it as a “number-one bestseller in genetics”). He blamed his editor for the omission. He was working with another publisher at the time, and though he wanted to include lectins on his list of things to avoid, he claims the editor said, “I don't care if you can prove it, I need to sell books. And you’re gonna help me.” So the faithful author acquiesced and permitted soy and grains.“It became a very good selling book, so all is well,” Gundry said.



Interesting. I haven't read his first book so I don't know whether he recommends grains and soy or not. I know that he said in a recent interview that in his latest book 'the Plant Paradox' that he has since learned over the years more from his ongoing and others research and so he has changed some of his perceptions and recommendations from his previous book. That one must change with greater understanding. And the latest research unfolding re the influence of the microbiome has played a major part in this. A reasonable attitude, in my opinion.

I also heard him talk of his intermittent fasting and that his editor would not allow a huge chapter in his previous book on his practice of eating once per day within a 2hr period because although she realised he was loopy, her job was to sell books and basically not turn readers away. And that this chapter was curtailed to a few paragraphs. To which he smiles now because over the years the practice of intermittent fasting has been taken up and promoted by most functional doctors.

Perhaps this anecdote is what was referred to.

Or perhaps he was being sarcastic when he commented that all was well because the book sold well! (as in all was well from the editors point of view)

Who knows?

I just thought that it was interesting that he has found that adiponectin levels are raised as he said, in all of his and seemingly all hypothyroid patients. And that when high lectin foods were removed, inflammatory markers dropped significantly back to normal. Now there are many functional docs/nutritional clinicians who support lectin removal but I had never heard of the connection with raised levels of adiponectin as an inflammatory marker connected with dysfunctional thyroid and other autoimmune conditions before.

I do believe that the professional stature of the man as heart transplant/ open heart surgeon, researcher, with many published research papers in the most prestigious of medical journals and the invention and application of new cardiac equipment, that his reputation is beyond reproach :)


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