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phantom itchy nose and face

This may be a bit way out there, but for a long time in addition to hypo symptoms, I have been getting random itches on my face. Does anyone else have this? I'm probably just an oddball here, maybe it's in my head, but I'll be at work and every few minutes I'll have to rub my eyes, forehead, nose or chin because of a phantom itch. No cold or allergy symptoms - just odd!

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Could be low magnesium? Try doing some research to see if the symptoms fit.

I used to get a sensation on my face as if water was trickling down the outside of my nose. It hasn't happened since I started magnesium supplementation.


Thank you - I will definitely try that. It's been happening for a while now, and is a bit awkward at work!


To find good magnesium supplements - there are lots of kinds :




They can make people feel a bit sleepy, so taking it in the evening is best. Also, if you have problems with constipation, magnesium citrate is popular. However, if you have problems with the opposite, avoid it!

The maximum dose of magnesium you should take is about 300mg - 350mg per day.


Thank you! It's a bonus to be sleepy, I'll definitely try that.


That was one of my voluminous thyroid symptoms. It felt as if I had a hair on my face. I was forever trying to brush it off - of course there wasn't one. If you are taking other supplements do look at the ingredients because I have found that some I am taking have magnesium in them, which you should take into consideration when taking magnesium alone.

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That's exactly what it's like!


Low B12 can cause weird neurological symptoms. I had this all over.

Check your B 12 levels. Better you oral spray cured this odd symptom.

Good luck

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Thank you - I have some b12 spray, I'll try that for sure


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