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Block and replace making me ill

I have been diagnosed with Grave's Disease. Consultant has been controlling it since last November with Carbimazole. At last consultation he said that they had increased/decreased dosage several times and had not got levels under control so he wanted to move to block and replace. After about 5 weeks I seem to have every thyroid symptom going all at once so have stopped block and replace and immediately felt better. Have gradually improved over a few days although still not right so am trying some carbimazole to see if that works. Despite consultants concern, mostly with carbimazole I have been OK if not perfect. Has anyone else had problems with block and replace and any idea what could be wrong?

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Are you certain you have Graves? Did they test your antibodies?


Originally correspondence said probably Graves but now just says Graves' Thyrotoxicosis


I didn't get on well with B&R, levels were all over the place so I opted for RAI.


Not keen on that. Consultant started pushing that from the start but what I have read suggests it is not the solution we are led to believe.


Worked a treat for me, I had already had partial op which eventually failed.


You should get copies of your blood test results, the actual numbers and ranges. If you live in the UK, it is your legal right to have a copy.


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