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Hypothyroidism symptoms: What is an underactive thyroid? Dr Renee explains

Hypothyroidism is the term to describe an underactive thyroid. This means the gland is producing less hormone than it should which in turn causes the metabolism to run too slow.

Dr Renee Hoenderkamp, GP and medical writer, touched on the subject in her online video blog.

She explained: "I have a vested interested in this topic as I lost my thyroid to a nasty lump about seven years ago. Across that time I have built up lots of experience, done lots of research and been through the mill."


Do read the comments. Gillian23 is very underwhelming!

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Gillian23 had quite strict opinion.

Basically stating that if you do not do well on T4 only then you are fat muncher who can't control your eating.

These people probably do not have hypothyroidism nor any other illnesses that have been difficult to treat as they do not understand that one pill doesn't suit everyone.

Like my brother who has Horton's syndrome (cluster headache). He is not doing well on most treatments, only calcium inhibitors reduce the headache. If he weren't benefitting from most pain killers and injections should he suffer from headache that used to be called suicide headache? No one would even suggest that. No one would call him a fake seeing how half of his face get swollen during the attack. Horton's can't be tested , no blood tests will tell how the meds are working. Only how he feels matters when tailoring the treatment. In hypothyroidism it's the other way around even though you'd be bedridden unable to move.


I wonder if Gillian23 was actually a doctor who hates women patients or women generally.

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I pity her patients if she is a doctor. I'm betting she is a nutritionist or dietician.

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