Adding T3?

Evening everyone. I got my medichecks blood results back and I have found my results to be surprisingly in the ranges.

My question is are there people out there who take T3 even though their levels could be similar to me (TSH 2.31 (.27-4.2)

, T4 15.7 (12-22), Free T3 5.35 (3.10-6.8))?

I have not been diagnosed as hypo or anything but as said in similar posts I do have a lot of symptoms and family history on both sides.

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I would consider testing for DIO2 gene variation first.

Thanks for the advice. I will look into it.


TSH >2.0 indicates your thyroid is beginning to struggle but FT4 is good and FT3 is very good. It's doubtful you would feel any benefit taking Levothyroxine or T3 replacement.

Thanks for your thoughts clutter, appreciate you taking the time to look.

There are nutrient deficiencies that can cause symptoms similar to hypothyroidism. And if your thyroid is starting to struggle then developing low nutrients might be where the symptoms start.

If you could get vitamin B12, folate, ferritin/iron, and vitamin D tested it might show something up that you can fix yourself.

Thanks humanbean will look into this.

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