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Here are my symptoms...

fatigue no energy,

weight gain,

bloated stomach,

no hair on edge of eyebrows,

joint and muscel pain,

osteoporosis, hair loss,

dry hair,

brittle nails, dry skin,

not depressed - but moody

that isn't' all the list, however its what comes to mind at moment.

I'm not one who gets depressed, I get angry and frustrated, and that's exactly how I feel

I just posted as; new to site..Brain Fog

Signed, Brain Fog

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Hello Jazz, I think you said you were new to the forum so welcome. For people to make helpful suggestions, they need to view your latest blood test results along with the laboratory ranges so they can understand how your thyroid is functioning. Are you taking Levothyroxine and have you been diagnosed with a thyroid condition?


Levothyroxine... found out I'm allergic to that. Had major deep pain in legs when taken it, when I went off of it, not only did I lose my doctor who said, he believed in science and that no one is allergic to that, but all leg pain went away w/ that doctor.

Saw another doctor who told me that was a allergic reaction to that drug and put me on 60mcg of Armour, test results came back 8.699 TSH. He then upped it to 120mcg. Felt better and hair stopped falling out. that doctor died.

Found only one other doctor who would treat a person on Armour. that is the one I am seeing now. I have asked for a lab report to see where T3 and T4 is, but was told that isn't available and that I can only see the lab report they send to the doctor. Which only shows the TSH level


Are you in the U.K.? Thyroid U.K. Has a link to private labs you can order. Every Thursday Medichecks has discounted rates so worth looking into


no am in US


Ok so if you like Armour and do well on it, it might be well worth it to order online. But there are private labs in the US too. Simple pinprick test and you could get your basic TSH and free T3, free T4 to start...


Thank you Rusty, how would I find a 'private lab? what do you be by 54 to start?


sorry brain fog...what do you 'mean by 54 to start?


Sorry typo


You could create a new post asking for members to recommend a good US based lab. We have private labs here in Canada but they are pretty pricey... usually no less than $150 bucks for basic stuff.


Which country are you in? If in the UK you are entitled to your results. Any drug can have side effects including Levothyroxine due to fillers or quality issues. You might though have had undiagnosed vitamin deficiencies which can also cause joint or muscle pain. It would be good to get your vitamin levels checked and find out if you have thyroid autoimmune antibodies too.


Are you on Facebook? I know there is Thyroid Facebook site out of USA which might be a good place to network if you consider the "self medication" route and order your own.


no not on facebook


A quick search yielded this one but I can dig further for a vetted lab with good ratings


And stop the Thyroid Madness has a good article on getting the right tests done



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