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Potential Hypothyroidism?

Hey everyone :)

This is my first post here, was advised to visit from a fellow member of the Diabetes UK forum.

So I'm a type 1 diabetic (around 3.5 years) and have been feeling pretty crap for a good few months now. Symptoms are constant fatigue, muscle and joint aches, lack of interest, foggy head and generally acting vacant, feeling cold, regularly unwell (sniffles, etc), sometimes weird palpitation like feeling in my chest.

Expressed concerns of fatigue to my GP in May and he ran tests for anemia and checks of my thyroid. I had no further contact from my GP so as I understood, "no news is good news".

I visited my GP this morning for an absolutely unrelated issue (and because I'm still feeling tired) asked for my results. Anemia results were absolutely fine, thyroid ones were a slightly different story... Although she said everything was fine and in range.

T4 result: 11

T4 range: (10-25)

TSH result: 3.72

TSH range: (0.55-4.78)

I'd really appreciate feedback on my results and advice regarding my next course of action? I'm feeling pretty bad just now and from everything I've read, it seems like I may have an issue with my thyroid and that I should chase this up.

Thanks a lot in advance guys,


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Welcome to our forum,

T4 appears low but TSH is good within range when not medicating thyroid hormone replacement. It may be worthwhile getting T3 which is the "active' hormone tested (maybe privately) and also thyroid antibodies TPOAb & TGAb.

The pancreas is responsible for helping to maintain blood sugar balance and studies have found pancreatic function was significantly reduced in patients with hypothyroidism.

It produces insulin, glucagon which are involved in blood sugar metabolism and somatostatin involved in intestinal absorption. These exocrine functions include secreting digestive enzymes into the small intestines & these breakdown proteins, fats and carbs in the diet.

Problems maybe "hypoglycemia" , low sugar in the blood when the adrenal glands respond by secreting cortisol which tells the liver to make more glucose, bringing blood sugar levels back to normal or "insulin resistance" when there is too much sugar in the blood but the cells are unable to receive it.


Private labs testing


Many thanks. I will request an antibodies test and also T3.

My diabetes control is pretty good overall and my symptoms are not as a result of hypoglycemia nor insulin resistance, however I appreciate your concern :)


Your FT3 is within a normal range for someone without a thyroid condition but you need to know whether you have thyroid antibodies to clarify the result. FT4 result is low although still in range and would expect it to be a little higher if your thyroid were functioning well but you really need an FT3 blood test to clarify the overall function.


Thanks for the reply,

I shall request an FT3 blood test at my next appt. I'll also request an antibodies test as kindly suggested by yourself and radd

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What results did you have for anaemia ?

Did you have B12 - Folate - Ferritin - VitD tested ? When low they all have unpleasant symptoms and need to be optimal for thyroid hormones to work well.

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I think my iron levels were around 44?

I don't think there were any tests run for vit D or B12. Pretty sure there were no tests for the others either. Will discuss them today though.

Thank you,



Is the 44 the Ferritin result ? Do you have the range ? Ferritin is stored iron in the liver. B12 - Folate work together in the body and VitD also key in your wellness.

Doubt if GP will test FT3 and BOTH anti-bodies .... private testing available at home - do ask if you require details :-)

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I'm afraid I'm unsure, I only asked for specifics regarding the thyroid results. Apologies for being so vague. Will chase it up at my next appt.

I think the antibodies test would be more beneficial, as a type 1 diabetic it's my understanding that any thyroid issues are highly likely to be autoimmune related.

I see there are home tests available from "Medichecks" at £79 for the Thyroid Check Ultra. Just how conclusive is the test from a finger prick sample?




The finger prick tests are widely used on the Forum. You need to know if that is your Ferritin result as it is low in range methinks - so will prevent good conversion of T4 into the active T3. Of course anti-bodies should be checked too - BOTH. You also need B12 - Folate and VitD if that was a Ferritin result - if not it NEEDS testing too !

I live in Crete so do not have to use UK testing facilities .... :-)

The above link takes you to the main website of this Forum Thyroid UK for all the details of private testing ....


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