anyone here totally cured their hashimotos naturally?This lady did and I want to!

Wanted to find anyone on here who has succeeded at putting their hashimotos into remission using nutrition and supplements? I just read 'a mind of your own' by Kelly Brogan (she has a great website and loads on YouTube) and she put her hashis into total remission with lifestyle changes and no meds. It would be great to hear of any similar successes on here.

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Yes it is possible to reduce thyroid anti-bodies - which presumably would put Hashimotos into remission. However the damage to the thyroid may well have been done - ie you have become Hypo.

Just a very quick glance at her website she says she had postpartum thyroiditis. This is very common and often resolves itself in time with no treatment.

And no life-style changes!

Don't believe all you read on the internet! lol

I am going to try and cure myself naturally. If I succeed I will post about it and share how I did it πŸ˜„

It would be helpful to others if you posted and shared the outcome what ever it may be.

I totally will πŸ˜„

It is extraordinarily difficult to prove that what one person did for themselves actually put Hashimoto's into total remission. And "total remission" really cannot be accepted until many years have passed. Hashimoto's is renowned as an issue that can increase and reduce until, eventually, a final barrier is crossed.

How can we know that this person would not have returned to her usual state without any of her interventions.

The "no meds" claim is rather questionable when various supplements are used. And she refers to both thyroid hormones and naltrexone.

We might be very poorly served by conventional medicine. But I am at least as sceptical of people who are psychiatric geniuses, vitamin expert, thyroid wunderkind, vaccine expert, and so on. By all means, everyone is entitled to their views, but when you push yourself as an expert... It seems unlikely anyone has enough time to be the expert she seems to be. As well as writing books, doing blogs, etc., etc.

That's why I'd be interested to see what happens-it's a lot to expect!

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