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Exercise (any additional body function) making symptoms return


I wonder if anyone else has had this issue?

I seem to get the return of significant joint and muscle pain and throat pain around my period. I thought it may be linked to rise/drop of other hormones.

I've been tasked with 30 secs calf and thigh stretches twice a day by Podiatrist and since doing them I have noticed all my fatigue returning. I have had 2 days laid up just in the last 6, after none for ages.

I expected additional work to tire me out, as my body is already doing excess work with an Autoimmune condition...but is this level of recovery/rest usual after so little exertion? I'll add that I have 3 stone excess weight and have done little with muscle working since being ill. So a little pain etc is expected. But this is whole deep body fatigue and aches all over the body.

Any advice or shared experiences would be helpful

Thanks, Kate

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What is was your last free T3 result?


My last t3 result was in the top quarter.

Results as of May were optimal. Though I am due a thorough blood test next week. I wondered whether the extra pressure on the body to repair and push muscles could be depleting t3 stores. Is that your thinking too?


If your result was good, it's not likely that a small amount of ecercise would drop it to the bottom of the range.


Low levels of nutrients will cause muscle and joint pain. Low vitamin D is a particularly common offender for that.

But any low nutrients will make just about any symptom worse than it already is.


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