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Normal Levels still symptomatic

Hi, I was diagnosed with overactive thyroid last November but no cause for it ever found. Following a grim 8 months on carbimazole I was told by Endo today that all the levels including TSH are in normal range. Why then am I still so symptomatic with hyper symptoms, especially the sweating. Endo seemed to think I should be running a marathon now when in reality I'm struggling to walk to the end of my road !! Anyone experienced this and did the symptoms ever go ?

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Yes, this forum gets a lot of "I'm "normal" but feeling like dog s**t... why!!" here - tho it's not any consolation at this moment. It unfortunate that the majority of Endos and GPs seem to toe the party line of looking just at the numbers and not the symptoms. For this reason the Thyroid UK has a list of thyroid friendly docs by request for those who have reached the end of their tether with their so-called health care. We do not acknowledge "normal" ranges here only "optimal" - The ranges currently are too broad and too ill defined to effectively diagnose (other countries have different ranges for example - it's not an across the board thing). It is also often recommended here to go to the thyroid UK site and get their recommended list of private labs that will get you more thorough results than just the piddly TSH and free T4. But if you have those levels on hand post them here line by line (with ranges in brackets) to start you out for the time being

And I've attached a post with a reply discussing nutient levels, etc that should be required reading for anyone new to this:



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